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Published: 2/23/2017 11:00 AM
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Pension payout

I’m calling just to mention I worked 24 years for Union County. My pension is $1,200 per month and I contributed 7 percent of my pay for those 24 years, just for comparison.

Job application wanted

After reading another one of Charlie Shuey’s rants in The News-Item the other day, I had an idea. He should apply for a job as a speechwriter for Donald Trump. His views align perfectly with Trump’s non-fact-believing, incompetent staff.

Working at Walmart

The real problem with local area youth sports isn’t the referees, it’s the parents. All the parents think their children are bound to go to the NFL, MLB or some other professional sports, when in reality they’re just bound to go to Walmart.

Pivot the investigation

Now that the mayor has all the charges dropped against him, it’s time to find out really what’s going on and what was done when he should never have been charged to begin with. I thank you, and I think people should really look into this matter.

Arrest mania

This is for all you Trump haters: They arrested 160 immigrants in a small place in California and every one of them has a criminal background. And our Navy SEALS were ambushed over in Iran because we have leaks there. And you people think he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Pension debate

As the editor said, you can debate the amount of the Shamokin police officer’s pension. However, please understand, almost no municipal police pay into Social Security. After they retire, if they get a job, they contribute into Social Security. When they go to collect the amount is reduced by $1 for every dollar made in the private sector. So, it’s not all that great like everybody thinks.

Officer retaliation

Whether you like or dislike the mayor it’s been apparent from day one to anyone with half a brain that these charges were brought about by a vengeful, angry officer with his nose out of joint due to the legal process according to Act 47 that his quite generous pension was slightly lowered. This has been nothing but a retaliatory measure on Officer Miner’s part. He should be ashamed.

Fixer upper

I think they should pass an ordinance in Kulpmont. If you buy a house in Kulpmont under $15,000, you should sign a paper with the borough hall stating you are going to fix it to make it up to code and have all the bills with you. Then the code officer can go check the house.

Earned it

This concerns the pension for the police officer. Let’s keep in mind the pensions are based on earned income, not benefits such as sick leave and vacation days. That’s a big difference between earned income benefits. If you’re going to include benefits, might as well include the cost of health insurance. It should only be earned income.


How low can people get? They come up on your porch, unscrew the vent and steal your American flag. Anyone who steals an American flag should be penalized.

First lady

I want to tell you your cartoon in the paper about the first lady was not only disgusting and disrespectful, but very disappointing our hometown paper would stoop that low. She is the first lady.

Happy as a clam

Pensions? Pensions? Pensions? Don’t even mention them. Let me tell you something, I’m happy with mine. It’s not too often I’m happy, is it?

Volunteer work

I was just wondering if the police officer who caused all the trouble, now that he’s getting that big pension, is he going to do any volunteer work at the cemetery? Or is he going to take another job from someone who needs it?

Speak no evil

Your survey question asked, who do you believe, Milbrand or Miner? I believe Mr. Miner the retired patrolman because he can cross his arms and not be afraid to say he’s a liar. Any person who is not afraid to call someone a liar I believe. God bless you, Mr. Miner, and stay with your truth.

Letting him loose

The mayor of Shamokin is a liar and you people in the press are going to let him go.

Same suffering

I hope when the attorney general gets to him, Mr. Miner gets the same Mr. Milbrand got, the way he suffered.

Give us a break

The police want more, more, more — and where’s the city going to get more, more, more to give them? Just like the teachers, they want more. Give the city and school districts a break; there’s no money to be given.

Fake charges

I’m glad to see Mr. Miner’s attempt to hold the mayor hostage with the fake charges in order to get additional money in his retirement plan, which is already outrageous, didn’t work out for him. Thank God. The city can’t afford anything more, and I’m glad he’s going to be investigated.

Stealing’s bad

I’ve been saying all along that Donald Trump is not that smart. All that yelling about taking the oil. That would be a war crime. You can’t just take things that don’t belong to you.

Can’t believe it

Trump has made untrue statements about the size of his inauguration crowd, the “standing ovation” he received at CIA headquarters, the “millions” of “illegal” votes cast in the election, the murder rate, the news coverage given to terror attacks, and, just Saturday, about the amount of vetting refugees trying to enter the country must undergo and about a nonexistent terror incident in Sweden. Trump finds no problem in lying to the American people. How can we believe anything Trump says?

Pay cut pusher

Well, well, Gov. Wolf is up to it again wanting to charge municipalities for state police service. What do they do with all the fine money they collect? Instead of paying them astronomical starting salaries, maybe they should cut their salaries.

Thumbs down

Thumbs down to The News-Item and Southern Columbia School District for putting their recent training on the front page of the newspaper. Statistics show that social media is the worst enemy to promote such behavior, so you put pictures of staff and toy guns and people wrestling each other. Unacceptable.

Pooch problem

I wish the Elysburg police would do something about the small dogs that run out on the street on Spruce Street. The ran out in front of my car and I almost got in an accident. This is the second time; someone is going to get hurt.

High crime

The police in Sweden seem to disagree with the press and their government. Because the police said that crime from immigration has skyrocketed.

What’s with it?

What was with the picture of Miner in the paper. Is he trying to intimidate people? Is he trying to intimidate the mayor? He didn’t intimidate anyone. As far as him living in Shamokin, he doesn’t live in Shamokin. And one more thing, where was the chief of police?

Yea DA

Thank God for the independence of our county DA. He did a great job. If Miner has any evidence the DA was influenced by anybody he should produce it. Or is that just something he thought he would throw out there? Typical Shamokin.

Happy to hear

I am happy to hear the charges have been dismissed against the mayor. I think the whole thing smelled a little funny. I know that officer and I have lost respect for him.

Cemetery care

The people that accused Billy Milbrand of messing up the cemetery. I wonder if they will care enough to show up in the spring and spruce it up and mow grass and donate their time. I wonder if they will care then.

Blame game

The “Never Trump” and “Not my president” protesters and all those complaining about Trump should be protesting outside the Democrat headquarters. It was their leaders and mediocre campaign and candidates that made them lose the states they needed. Don’t blame Trump.

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