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Published: 6/28/2017 10:00 AM
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Bad wrap

I think these drug companies that the politicians are running down all the time are getting a bad wrap. It’s not their fault that these young kids and people want to keep popping pills and using drugs all the time. When we were young kids, we drank beer. These drug companies are doing their job. These politicians and others want to get rich off of them. Editor’s take: People do make choices, but what about those innocent victims who were prescribed pills after surgeries and, through no fault of their own, became addicted — and some drug companies knew this was likely? That bad wrap is deserved.


Bob Chesney hit the nail on the head when he said there’s no morality in this country anymore.

Stupid challenge

The Sound Off call said the seven sailors who lost their lives in the mid-Ocean collision, that Trump should be held accountable. What does Trump have to do with that? It was an accident. I’d like to say, “How stupid can you be? but I think most people are starting to take that as a challenge.


Dear Terry Torres, I don’t appreciate your suggestion that dog walkers come to the Fifth Ward to walk their dogs on Shamokin Street. We don’t want dog crap on our sidewalks, either. Those who do leave their doggie diamonds will be reported; you are being watched 24/7. Here’s a better suggestion: take your dogs to your own backyard, or walk along the railroad tracks or out at the mountain.

Right about right on red

Obviously, some of you don’t know about the right on red law. So stop blowing your horn at me.

Waffle pride

National Waffle Day is to be celebrated on June 29. Let’s cheer them on. The waffle iron was invented in Shamokin. We have something to be proud of. I hope everyone enjoys their waffles.

Easy solution

I figured out how to solve the health care problem. Give all the politicians, the president included, only what the people get — nothing more. Then let’s see how it goes with their bill.

Billions not enough

Come on, people. Wake up. Don’t you think it’s time we had enough of the greedy billionaires running this country? Look at the Koch Brothers. Instead of being happy having billions, they want more. Let’s start getting some people out of office and get some change.

Political levity

Whoever called in about laughing his Ossoff, it was great. We need more calls like that to break this political rivalry. I needed the laugh.

Other places to cut

First, I would like to say I agree Obamacare is a disaster. Secondly, with the GOP plan, they want cuts to Medicare. Ask yourself this: Have we cut foreign aid yet? Have we closed any military bases in Europe?


Every time I see a letter to the editor signed Splitt, so do I.


President Trump tweeted, “I hope there are no tapes of our conversation.” He never said he had tapes or had been taping the conversation. People are so brainwashed by Obama that they can no longer think or comprehend what they read.

Winning section

Kudos and accolades to Chuck Souders and sports editor Tim Zyla for an outstanding job in wrapping UP the sports year in review. The amount of time and effort that went into that production has to be many, many man hours. Nice going, guys. Terrific job.

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