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Published: 11/10/2016 3:11 PM
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I’ve taken no stance during this election process other than it has annoyed me. It annoyed me because it was filled with hate like a piñata at party and similarly beaten by all party attendees until it finally cracked open early Wednesday.
As I lay sleepless on the sofa that night, it was clear, Donald Trump will be the next president of our nation. 
Let me be clear: I was not onboard 100 percent with either candidate. I did not Facebook rant daily. I did not go overboard in this column besides a jab here and there.
I, in fact, don’t want to talk about Trump or Clinton. I can only pray President-elect Trump will take into perspective the gravity of the nature of his position and, with the help of advisers, do the best job possible. I cannot wish him failure, because that would be wishing America failure. But I want to talk about us.
What have we become? 
The posts online and the attacks on one another were/are highly disturbing. The very core of being an American is freedom of speech. The vulgar, hateful and downright vicious words exchanged are your constitutional right, yes, but why be so incredibly mean to one another?
Most should be ashamed of their behavior and the example it sets for our future generation. 
There are a lot of people who are terrified at the results of the election. I have seen posts where those people have been ridiculed and attacked for their feelings with very vile language.
That’s not cool.
Everyone has the right to have their own reaction and feelings. Far be it for you to ever tell someone they are wrong for feeling the way they feel. What happened to human decency?
This whole campaign and those who participated in supporting their candidates was, for the most part an absolute travesty. Never have I been more ashamed of the behavior of the U.S. 
I am not absolving myself of any sins; I am far from perfect, but I would never speak to another human being because their opinion is different than mine like some have throughout this election process.
It makes me very sad. 
You have a right to vote. You have a right to your opinion. What you shouldn’t have is the liberty to insult, berate and tear others apart because you don’t align.
Healthy debate and difference in opinion keeps this world interesting, but when it turns into a dark place of hate is where we lose as human beings.
My newsfeed on Facebook was 50/50, but some days I could not believe my eyes. I mean, holy lightning, I’m not part of organized religion, but the core teachings of any faith is to treat others as you would like to be treated.
What on God’s green earth do we achieve by going for each other’s jugulars? What happened to standing up for what you believe in while remaining strong in your conviction, yet respectful for your fellow man.
It’s common knowledge it is impossible to please everyone, but it’s the hate that really bothers me. 
I don’t like it. I don’t think it breeds anything good and I’m shocked at how incredibly cruel supposed God-fearing people can be when it comes to something with which they don’t jive. Pray for them, don’t persecute them. What has malice ever accomplished?
Thankfully, there are more good than bad people in the world. 
My hope for the future of our country is for its citizens to be kinder and have more respect for themselves and each other. Say what you want about the election results, but it’s over.
Now, we move forward. We continue to fight for what we believe in. We, on our smaller scale, try to make the country better by making our communities better. And we teach our children to be strong by their own volition, not by stepping on or putting down others. 
I hope for the success of this nation. No one knows what is to come. Miss Cleo is dead. Dionne Warwick’s “Psychic Friends Network” is defunct. Let’s hope for the best and if things get bad, I know we, as Americans, have strength in numbers and come together to stand strong in times of adversity.
We all have a role in what this country becomes. The President holds the title, but we hold the ability to teach values, work ethic and human decency.
I know some of you scoff at my sunny outlook on things, but I have to. It’s the only way not to be consumed by the negativity blanketing much of the world.
Like I said before, we only get one go-around, so make it count. Make it good. Make it “soooo good.”
God bless America.
(Jenna Wasakoski is an assistant editor at The News-Item. Her lifestyle column appears Thursdays.)

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