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Published: 12/18/2016 11:00 AM
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Pole problem

Kulpmont council should consider making a block on Eighth Street a one-way. That way the pole could stay, along with the parking spot for the police and the fire trucks to get out quicker. Just a thought.

Russian logic

During the current administration, during which Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Russians have taken back the Crimea, sent their fleet to the Mediterraian and got involved in the Middle East in the Syrian affair. Why would the Russians want to help Donald Trump become president when he’s the one who wants to expand and rebuilt our military? Are we idiots? Who are these people?

He’s a winner

Your headline, “Trump taunts, boasts in Pa. visit.” Well, the man won in Pennsylvania. He just came here to tell the people that he appreciates they they voted for him. The man’s a winner and he’s going to keep winning for the people of the USA. So, try to write a little bit better about Trump. He is a good person.

Ask Vlad

I think we ought to ask Putin if he had anything to do with hacking our election. After, all, he might just tell the truth, unlike some of our so-called honorable politicians.

Too high

So Trump told the president of the ironworkers in New York City that there wages are too high. After they voted for him, that’s what they get. I’d like to see him walk on steel 30 stories in the air. What does he think their wages should be? What good is it if he makes all these jobs in the United States if they’re lousy salaries?

Good investment

To president-elect Donald Trump. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My investment in the Acme Crying Towel Co. is paying off handsomely.

Dictator Don

Trump’s children have no right to be involved in the presidency. Trump’s businesses all over the world are going to be a problem. He is hiding something in his refusal to show his tax records. He is already a dictator.

Changes due

With a little research, the caller will find that privatization of Medicare is high on Paul Ryan’s list of initiatives. There is no plan to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, but massive changes are ahead if Republicans have their way.


Now we know that Donald was right. The election was rigged.


Donald Trump is not right for this country. He is going to start a World War III.

No activity

Don’t believe what you read in the paper about scheduled morning activities at the Mount Carmel senior center. Board games aren’t played and Wii isn’t played. A few people sit around and the manager is in the office. Membership is steadily declining. Editor’s note: Have you taken your concerns to anyone other than Sound Off?

Desperate refugees

Will we be so heartless as to not welcome some of the Syrian refugees who are in such desperate need?


Remember that time in 2008 when socialism crashed the economy and capitalism swooped in to save it? Oh, wait. ...

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