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Published: 1/8/2017 11:00 AM
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Hack job

I just heard a rumor that Iran had hacked into our system and influenced the election in Obama’s favor against Mitt Romney. In return, Iran got a sweetheart nuclear deal. Editor’s note: Wow. That’s not a stretch.

We’ll pay

Donald Trump is going to Congress to get the money to build the wall. And where does that money come from? The taxpayers. How are we going to pay for it? By raising taxes.


In regards to community meals, I would also like to thank Reinhart’s for making a delicious meal for Restoration Ministries during the holidays. Everyone was welcome; we had a good time. Also, Restoration Ministries’ soup kitchen is open every Monday from 5 to 6 p.m. We serve a great meal and if you need fellowship or prayer, we’d be happy to have you.

More gas from Trump

To the caller blaming the Democrats for the gas tax, it was enacted by Corbett and his cronies, and Rep. Masser is guilty of voting for it, too. We’ve been paying for it for three years. Wait until Trump starts his nonsense. Look out working class; we’re really going to get it if you look at his tax plan on his website.

Mailbox move

How many people would like to see the mailbox at the corner of BB&T Bank on Walnut Street moved over near Turkey Hill? It would be easier and a better location.

Wall payments

I hear on CNN where Comrade Trump is now talking about getting the American taxpayers to pay for the wall. All you fools who voted for him. Editor’s note: Not that we believe this will happen, but for the rest of the story, he says he’s doing this to get the project moving and will get the money from Mexico later.

Bad choice

In regard to Kenn Splitt’s letter on Colin Kaepernick, I totally agree. It is a total embarrassment to Len Eshmont and the whole United States of America for giving this award to Kaepernick. I wish we could take it back. And this is from a 49ers fan, but I don’t like his antics.

Backwards thinking

Will someone tell Paul Ryan that by stripping Planned Parenthood of the funding that provides preventative services to poor women that the rate of abortion will increase.

You leaving or not?

I thought Whoopi Goldberg and

Oprah Winfrey were leaving and moving to Canada if Trump won? Well, Oprah is making money on Weight Watchers and Whoopi is still on “The View.” Duh.

Good reason

I live in Ralpho Township. The turning lane on Route 61 was created because of many accidents occurring there — not so patrons could more easily turn into Kurt Masser’s bar. Someone needs to get their facts straight before calling into Sound Off. Such nonsense.

Arson trio

I would appreciate a report on the punishment for the trio who started the fire on Peach Street in Mount Carmel. How do you prevent this from happening again? Editor’s note: We’ll keep an eye on the case as it proceeds.

Tired talking points

It’s been two months since the elections and the Democrats are still using the same talking points. Somebody buy them a new ream of paper so they can get on with the business of this country.


I think the only way you’re going to compensate for the property tax is one way: You should pay based on the income you have coming in. Editor’s note: That would be an income tax.

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