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Published: 1/11/2017 11:00 AM
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Russian spy

Trump has multi-million-dollar investments with Russia. Putin directed the Russian government efforts to help Trump win the election. Trump has repeatedly complimented Putin and has never criticized Russia for its aggression in other countries. The logical conclusion is Trump is a Russian spy who will soon be president. Congratulations, Comrade Trump.

Hire Hyno

Shamokin Area School Board, do not pass up the opportunity to get Hyno as your next coach. We had the opportunity here in Mount Carmel and let Ron Mattis get away. All we got for it is an 11-11 record the last two years. If you don’t want him, we’ll take him.

Stick together

We are a retired couple in our 70s and 80s who worked sometimes two and three jobs to raise our children and provide a home. Taxes have risen to the point that they are difficult to pay. Our retirement income remains the same and Social Security usually does not increase. School taxes are ridiculous, and now Southern wants to improve their sports fields. This will cost about a million dollars and they just spent a large sum on a gymnasium. Homeowners and taxpayers we need to stick together and stop this nonsense.

Trump bashing

To you Trump bashers: No, he is not downplaying the Russian hacking. He is simply tired of the press de-legitimizing his election win with this nonsense. If Hillary would have won, you would have heard nothing about the Russian hacking. Now that Trump won, Obama created this fictitious BS and the press ran with it. The stupidity of the DNC was the reason all of the anti-Hillary info ended up on Wikileaks.

Thin skin

An actress exercises her First Amendment right and justifiably criticizes the next president for deplorably mocking a handicapped person. So naturally, the Great Pumpkin takes to Twitter and hates on her like a thin skinned 10-year-old. Oh well. At least now even the Third World countries have someone to laugh at.

Irresponsible elite

The Hollywood elite don’t get it. Trump won in spite of them. Although they have a right to their opinion, a lot of their movies are as violent as ISIS videos. They bear some responsibility for the violence in our country. I personally don’t support any of their violent movies and I am in the basket of deplorables. Maybe my morals are better.

Hardly working

You always see this Jeffery Lord sitting up there in Harrisburg. Does he do any work for the Pennsylvanians or does he just kiss Donald Trump’s butt?

Scary stuff

In all honesty, what Trump and his merry band of swamp monsters have hidden from the public is treason. The Republican party doesn’t want anyone knowing that Russian was assaulting our way of life and influencing our election. I don’t know about you but I find it terrifying.

Rising prices

The closer Trump gets to taking the oath, the higher the gas prices are getting. Remember the good old days.

Open house?

I would like to know when the two amigos from Kulpmont are going to have an open house at the municipal building that we spent $600,000 on instead of at the Sobieski Club. Maybe then they could convince Mount Carmel to staff the police station so it looks like we have protection.

Not up to snuff

I see a lot of people complaining that we should go to our politicians to get law and order back up to snuff. What would you like the police to do? Sit in front of the bank all day and see if it gets robbed? That’s not how we do things in this country.

Trump-effect naysayer

I can’t believe people actually think that because the stock market is going up and we are creating jobs that it’s the Trump-effect. Trump didn’t even serve office yet. We have 73 months in a row of job creation and the stock market has been going up for 6 or 7 years. You Fox News watching Republicans are unreal. Mkay!


They said the jail were overcrowded so, the judges went easy on sentencing. Now they say that there are not that many in jail so, they want to close the jails. It’s just a revolving door. If the criminals were in prison there wouldn’t be so much crime in the streets. It looks like the judges need to start doing their jobs.

Watch for texters

This is for the caller from Sound Off that say gas prices are too high around here. Well, maybe you should go to Middletown and see how much you save. And by the way, on the way back you might get hit by another driver that is texting.

Truth and lies

The actress that stood up there and talked about Trump, everything she said was true. And Trump standing up there and saying that he never mocked a person with a disability, millions of people saw it. He’s nothing but a liar. This is the man who’s going to be our president.

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