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Published: 2/15/2017 11:00 AM
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Rest in peace

I am no fan of Greg Maresca’s column, but his piece on Walt Brasch was an exception. RIP Dr. Brasch.

Down the drain

Drain the SWAMP in Shamokin. The mayor and city council need to go as well as the entire police department.

Lack of sportsmanship

I appreciate your explanation of how the “GBA” should be comprised. But when my child’s own team has kids ranging from 7 to 11 on it I feel your the one who’s misinformed. It goes to show the type of person you are to dismiss the actions of some coaches by saying they are volunteers. So the requirement is to lack common sense and sportsmanship? Editor’s note: Can we suggest that you two meet personally to hash this out?

Winter worker

To the caller who questioned about the code office enforcing the snow on walkways, I can assure you it was done on Saturday, at least on the east side of the city. He looked busy to me.

No-go liberals

Why would liberals want Muslin refugees allowed into this country? In other countries they have not assimilated into that country’s cultures.

Plumbing concern

Monday night at the elementary there was a scrimmage game and there was no running water to drink or bathrooms to use. Kid could not wash their hands. It should have been canceled.

Second Street wall

To the person talking about the retirement plan and the police department not replacing officers and building walls to keep people safe, we have a wall built. It’s called the Second Street wall between Shamokin and Coal Township. How’s that working out for you?

Russian tap

Flynn’s conversation was surely recorded by the Russians. One more thing to hold over this administration’s head and use if they want to.

Show support

Why is it so hard in America to do the right thing and so easy to do the wrong thing? Trump’s travel ban makes sense. Now we have protests and riots. Obama’s plan to let perverts use the bathroom with our granddaughters. OK, no problem. Show your support for Trump by putting your campaign signs back out.

Legal immigration

This is for the people who protest illegal aliens being deported and say most of us started as aliens. True, but it was done legally through Ellis Island. They didn’t jump walls or tread water. Get your facts straight.

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