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Published: 2/17/2017 11:00 AM
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Hate to say it

With all the trouble going on with this Trump administration, maybe we should get some investigations going. I hate to say this, but it seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Something’s smelly

Flynn has been fired and they are going to investigate. Maybe they ought to investigate why Trump is always kissing Russia’s butt. It stinks, if you ask me.

Levee break

Liberal leadership in California spent $700 million on a deteriorating dam and $25 billion on illegals. Now they are being flooded by both.

Blame the past

The Democrats are evil SOBs. The holdovers from Obama are causing all the problems in Washington.

City finances

The article in the paper about Miner’s pension: There is nothing wrong with giving a man a pension, but this is the reason the city is broke.

Impeach, deport

Russian President Donald Trump has really been meddling in American politics. It’s time for him to be impeached and not allowed in the country anymore.

Scary times

I read with great interest your article on Dr. Jonas Salk on the Mini Page. I lived through those times; they were very scary times.

Utterly ridiculous

I’m 63. I worked 43 years and I get $964 a month in Social Security. I think it’s utterly ridiculous to get $2,900 a month. Editor’s note: There’s plenty of debate about the amount, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that these cops are hired knowing they can get a pension, so they shouldn’t be condemned for that. If your employer would have offered a pension, you would have taken it, too.

More every day

Reports now say Flynn may have tried to encrypt his illegal contacts with Russia because he knew they would be monitored. Obviously he had something to hide. Everyday brings more evidence that Trump conspired with Putin. The ticking of the impeachment clock grows louder.

Presidents Day

How many people in Pennsylvania get a paid holiday on Lincoln’s birthday? Everyone who works for the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Editor’s note: Most federal and state workers get Presidents Day as a paid holiday.

Impeachment prediction

If the Trump staff were coordinating the release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton with Russian intelligence, it is a crime. If Donald Trump was aware of this action, he will be impeached.

Liberal left

Boycotting businesses because the liberal left does not like the choice is similar to voting in countries ruled by dictators, where, out of fear, people have no choices when they vote. While I did not vote for Obama, I was proud that our country voted for and chose a black American as president. The liberal left is now trying to destroy the family of our elected president. Is this good for America?

Space daddy

Listening to the sickening love-fest with Trump and Netanyahu was tough. After Obama made a little progress in standing up to Israel, Trump put us right back on the leash. Bad for us, horrible if you’re Palestinian. Why do we tolerate this? Two reasons: Israeli money and influence and the votes of the end-times cult fanatics that think we have to kiss up to Israel or their space daddy won’t come back. Oy vey!


I realize being an officer is a tough job with odd hours and at times dangerous, but come on. Pensions should not be paid until the age of 62. I worked for the railroad for 22 years, my pension will be about $2,000 a month and will not be available until the age of 62. Why should an officer be any different? Taxpayers just can’t afford this.

$2,900 too low

A pension of $2,900 a month is not abnormal if you worked at a decent job and then retired. A lot of people who worked in private and public administrative jobs make more than $3,000 a month in pensions, especially after 20 years. In fact, $2,900 is low.

Fixing the mess

Great commentary by Charles Shuey. What part of “the truth” don’t you libnuts understand? And you wanted to continue the insanity with Hillary? Mr. Trump will fix the mess we are in.


Putin’s little lap puppet has caused more scandals in three weeks than Obama did in eight years. What’s that say?

Too political

I’m going to tell PennDOT the best was to change the route of the highway. Fire everyone from PennDOT and hire someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s too political.

Presidential vacationing

The Republicans complained about Obama going on vacations and playing golf but I see where our great fuhrer has gone to Mar-a-Lago-Largo three times in the first three weeks.

Expired contracts

This is in response to the shot directed at Ron McElwee. I think what he was trying to do was compare two expired contracts. While I believe both had adequate time to settle, it just didn’t happen. This is just to support the cause of our police officers and our public sector.


I just finished reading Charles Shuey’s letter to the editor and I want to commend him. if only more people would understand what he said. Congratulations, Mr. Shuey. I really enjoyed your article.

Legal or not

Everyone should strive to be more like Comrade Trump. Everyone’s wife should be an immigrant, legal or not.

Prayers and pension

Prayer might be OK, but try finding a real life person who you can sit down and talk to. That might be a lot better than just staying in your room and saying prayers. To the person who thinks $2,900 a month is too much money for 20 years — wow. Oh my gosh, what a jerk you are.


I would watch the NBA again if they made the court as big as a football field and raised the basket 10 feet. Then they couldn’t just take four leaps and a bound and stick their whole arm and the ball down into the basket.


I am now watching the presidential news conference. I’d like to say that Trump is the most rude, ignorant individual who has ever been president of this United States. He is rude to the reporters. If questions are not to his liking, he insults them. God help this country.

Man up

When you’re in front of the news media, you better answer the questions. You’re not going to like all the questions. Every president got the same treatment. So man up.

Led by a fool

O-M-G. I just watched the entire news conference and now the whole world knows we are being led by a fool.

Coal and cops

Two things: My Trump signs never came down. And as far as that cop’s pension, that sounds awfully high. I worked in medical for 40 years. My Social Security was nowhere near that, and there’s no pension. Forty years. Editor’s note: We can debate the amount, but the fact that you had a career that didn’t offer a pension is not any cop’s fault.

Freezing cows

I’m calling about the four cows that are outside constantly when there are plenty of sheds they could be in. Editor’s note: Have you called authorities about this?

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