South sectional wrestling brackets released

Published: 2/17/2017 11:01 AM
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We’re one day away from the individual wrestling postseason kickoff with Saturday’s District Four South Sectionals set to begin at 10 a.m. at Southern Columbia Area High School.

The top wrestlers from 11 schools, including Mount Carmel, Line Mountain, Southern Columbia and Shamokin will hit the mats to begin a near month-long journey in hopes of winning state gold.

Here’s a list of things to watch during Saturday’s action:

High expectations

Nothing is ever a sure bet when it comes to wrestling, but the following competitors will be entering sectionals feeling the pressure to win outright.

Matty Coller

Line Mountain 106-pound freshman Matty Coller (30-8) will look to put himself on the varsity-level map during this year’s postseason. The lightweight is entering sectionals as the No. 1 seed and is also ranked first in the northeast region. No. 2 seed Aidan Steininger, of Midd-West, enters sectionals with a 22-10 record and will be Coller’s main threat stopping him from taking first in the 106-pound bracket.

Jaret Lane

Southern Columbia 113-pounder Jaret Lane (36-0) is entering sectionals ranked at 20th in the nation and first in the state in his weight class. After suffering a loss in the state finals at 106 pounds last year, it goes without saying Lane won’t be bothered by what’s happening at sectionals or districts — his sights are set on winning gold in Hershey.

Brian Earlston

Line Mountain senior Brian Earlston (22-4) experienced some adversity this year in the form of injuries, however he enters sectionals with full rest after head coach Mike Martz opted not to put him to work during the team’s three-day stretch in Hershey at the state team championships. Earlston, like Lane, enters sectionals ranked first in the state in Class AA. There are two opponents touting similar records in the 126-pound bracket, Southern Columbia’s Jake Renn (26-8) and Midd-West’s Kameron Kline (28-7), neither of whom are ranked in the state.

Jake Carpenter

Shamokin 160-pound junior Jake Carpenter (24-3) has put together an impressive individual season on a team of Indians that have been hurting numbers wise. Carpenter enters sectionals ranked 13th in the state in Class AA, and will be a favorite to advance to state competition. The junior is a full 50 seeding points above No. 2 seed Chris Koperna (23-16), of Line Mountain.


For as many weights as there are clear favorites, there’s quite a few more that will be hosting closely-matched competition. Here’s a look at some eagerly-awaited, albeit potential, showdowns in the finals of each weight class.

Kieffer vs. Rishel, 285

Line Mountain’s Garrett Kieffer (28-5) has earned the No. 1 seed and could potentially meet Mifflinburg’s No. 2 seed Sam Rishel (26-4) in the finals at 285-pounds. Rishel enters sectionals ranked eighth in the state, while Kieffer will enter the gymnasium at Southern Columbia ranked sixth in Class AA.

Garcia vs. Delbaugh, 170

There’s not much in the way of the 170-pound final coming down to Southern Columbia freshman Gaige Garcia (10-1) and Lewisburg senior Trey Delbaugh (28-2). Garcia, who missed the majority of the regular season due to an injury sustained during football season, will enter sectionals as the bracket-worst seventh seed, but is considered to be one of the stronger wrestlers in the state at his weight.

Hauck vs. Casey, 120

Southern Columbia senior Shane Casey (30-8) may be entering sectionals as the No. 1 seed at 120-pounds, but Line Mountain’s Cole Hauck (31-4), the two seed, got the best of him last week in a 3-1 decision at the state team wrestling championships in Hershey. Minimal opposition throughout the rest of the eight-man bracket means this potential finals matchup is extremely likely to occur.

Bingaman vs. Klinger, 132

Just five seeding points separate Mifflinburg’s No.1 seed Trevor Bingaman (26-7) and Line Mountain’s No. 2 seed Collin Klinger (32-10). Klinger enters sectionals ranked 13th in the state at 132, while Bingaman is absent on state ranking lists.

On the bubble

With the top four wrestlers in each weight class advancing to district competition scheduled for Friday, Feb. 24 and Saturday, Feb. 25 in Williamsport, there’s quite a few wrestlers who are toss-ups for advancing. Following is a look at who will need to be at the top of their game to make it to Williamsport:

113 pounds

Mount Carmel freshman Jake Adzema (12-9) and Line Mountain’s Cameron Hauck (15-17) will both be in position to earn a trip to districts, but it’s not going to be the easiest of roads. With the aforementioned Lane topping the bracket, the two will also face pressure from Lewisburg’s Justin Gessner (16-12) and Milton’s Colton Taylor (12-11). Looking at the records alone, the bracket at 113 pounds has the potential to go in any direction. Adzema and Hauck will face each other in the opening round as the No. 5 seed and No. 4 seed, respectively.

120 pounds

Mount Carmel’s Joey Bendas (12-10) will be in contention to join likely advancers Shane Casey and Cole Hauck at 120 pounds. Bendas will face Midd-West’s Ethan Zevan (11-13) in the opening round for an opportunity to take on likely opponent Shane Casey (30-8) in the next round.

126 pounds

Shamokin’s Devin Pietkiewicz (19-8) is ranked on the bubble at the No. 4 spot heading into Saturday’s competition. The junior will take on Lewisburg freshman Gavin Sheriff (13-12) in the opening round. With stiff competition seeded above him in Line Mountain’s Earlston (22-4), Southern Columbia’s Jake Renn (26-8) and Midd-West’s Kameron Kline (28-7), there won’t be much room for error as Pietkiewicz tries to fight his way to Williamsport.

132 pounds

Coming off a shaky performance at the state duals, Southern Columbia’s Mike Miner (17-16) will be looking to rebound at sectionals as he enters with a No. 4 seed. Close behind will be Shamokin’s Kyle Lytle (11-8) and Mount Carmel’s Bruce Carl (14-14) in what is an evenly-matched middle of the bracket.

138 pounds

Southern Columbia’s Shane Miller (17-15) enters sectionals bearing a No. 4 seed while preparing for an opening bout against Mifflinburg’s Owen Walter (11-8). An 11-man bracket at 138 means anything is possible for the Southern Columbia sophomore.

152 pounds

Line Mountain’s Gary Laudenslager (16-18) enters competition at 150 pounds as the No. 4 seed, looking to stay above fifth-seeded Eric Sees (16-10), of Danville, to advance to districts. The two are scheduled to wrestle in the opening round.

170 pounds

Shamokin’s Aaron Miller (12-11) is on the bubble as the No. 4 seed at sectionals, set to face Midd-West’s Michael Ettinger (13-14) in the first round. With Southern’s Gaige Garcia a not-so-stealthy sleeper due to his ranking, a solid battle for the fourth and final spot is expected to take place.

195 pounds

Southern Columbia’s Cam Haladay (12-9) is going to need a solid performance in a stacked weight class at 195 pounds to advance to Williamsport. Mifflinburg’s Luke Walter is the favorite with a 23-9 record, but close behind are Milton’s Brent Englemen (19-10), Line Mountain’s Ethan Long (28-15) and Lewisburg’s Ethan Snyder (25-6).

First round matchups

School key: Line Mountain (LM), Sugar Valley Charter (SV), Milton (ML), Lewisburg (LW), Columbia Montour Vo-Tech (CM), Mifflinburg (MF), Shamokin (SH), Mount Carmel (MC), Southern Columbia (SC), Danville (DV)

106: No. 1 Matty Coller (LM) vs. No. 8 Naaman Conoway (SV), No. 2 Aidan Steininger (MW) vs. No. 7 Nick Kuzo (SC), No. 3 Garrett Stigerwalt (CM) vs. No. 6 Cole Temple (LW), No. 4 Caleb Underhill (MF) vs. No. 5 Tanner Walter (ML)

113: No. 1 Jaret Lane (SC) bye, No. 2 Justin Gessner (LW) bye, No. 3 Colton Taylor (ML) vs. No. 6 Caleb Dawson (CM), No. 5 Jake Adzema (MC) vs. No. 4 Cameron Hauck (LM)

120: No. 1 Shane Casey (SC) vs. No. 8 McKenzie Knarr (SH), No. 2 Cole Hauck (LM) vs. No. 7 Nick Doresky (ML), No. 3 Rusty Schwartz (LW) vs. No. 6 Cameron Whitney (DV), No. 4 Joey Bendas (MC) vs. No. 5 Ethan Zevan (MW)

126: No. 1 Brian Earlston (LM) vs. winner of No. 9 Kenneth Shirk (MF) vs. No. 8 Colden Geisewite (SV), No. 2 Jake Renn (SC) vs. No. 7 Noah Berkoski (MC), No. 3 Kameron Kline (MW) vs. No. 6 Joey Harris (DV), No. 4 Devin Pietkiewicz (SH) vs. No. 5 Gavin Sherrif.

132: No. 1 Trevor Bingaman (MF) vs. winner of No. 8 Broghan Persun (LW) vs. No. 9 Brandon Flick (SV), No. 2 Collin Klinger (LM) vs. No. 7 Bruce Carl (MC), No. 3 Mike Miner (SC) vs. No. 6 Evan Welliver (DV), No. 4 Mike Miller (CM) vs. No. 5 Kyle Lytle (SH).

138: No. 1 Noah Stamm (ML) vs. winner of No. 9 Gabor Csendor (SH) vs. No. 8 Maverick Kramer (CM), No. 2 Noah Ettinger (MW) vs. winner of No. 7 Dion Watson (MC) vs. No. 10 Colten Rell (SV), No. 3 Caleb Shaffer (LM) vs. winner of No. 6 Kaiden Kurzawa (DV) vs. No. 11 Austin Ruhl (LW), No. 4 Shane Miller (SC) vs. No. 5 Owen Walter (MF).

145: No. 1 Todd Lane (SC) vs. winner of No. 8 Tommy Hack (DV) vs. No. 9 Austin Hill (CM), No. 2 Logan Bennett (ML) vs. No. 7 Chase Prutzman (LW), No. 3 Kenny Boyer (LM) vs. No. 6 Shane Weidner (MC), No. 4 Eric Gessner (MF) vs. No. 5 Cole Sauer (MW).

152: No. 1 Tyler Stoltzfus (MF) vs. No. 8 Aaron Strosser (LW), No. 2 Cade Linn (SC) vs. No. 7 Andrew Ripka (SV), No. 3 Tommy McDonald (MC) vs. No. 6 Weston Marion (CM), No. 4 Gary Laudenslager (LM) vs. No. 5 Eric Sees (DV).

160: No. 1 Jake Carpenter (SH) vs. winner of No. 8 Jeff Weidner (MC) vs. No. 9 Matt Dunkle (DV), No. 2 Chris Koperna (LM) vs. No. 7 Tyler Burns (MF), No. 3 Bryan Smith (ML) vs. No. 6 Cal Haladay (SC), No. 4 Zane Yoder (LW) vs. No. 5 Wyatt Bassett (MW).

170: No. 1 Trey Delbaugh (LW) vs. winner of No. 4 Aaron Miller (SH) vs. No. 5 Michael Ettinger (MW), No. 2 Colton Aikey (ML) vs. No. 7 Gaige Garcia (SC), No. 3 Zach Zerbe (DV) vs. No. 6 Kevin Kemble (MF), No. 4 Aaron Miller (SH) vs. No. 5 Michael Ettinger (MW).

182: No. 1 Andrew Shedleski (LW) vs. No. 8 Brent Mitch (ML) vs. No. 9 Hunter Minnig (MC), No. 2 Cameron Snook vs. winner of No. 7 Logan Bellum (CM) vs. No. 10 Joshua Weaver (SV), No. 3 Anthony Scicchitano (SC) vs. No. 6 Michael Faust (SH), No. 4 Noah Zakarian (DV) vs. No. 5 Kyle Gessner (MF).

195: No. 1 Luke Walter (MF) vs. winner of No. 4 Dakotah Snyder (LW) vs. No. 5 Cameron Haladay (SC). No. 2 Brent Englemen (ML) vs. No. 7 Andrew Dunkle (DV), No. 3 Ethan Long (LM) vs. No. 6 Carter Sauer (MW).

220: No. 1 Jarrett Walters (DV) vs. No. 8 Bryce Koonsman (MF), No. 2 Andrew Bell (SC) vs. Holdan Marr (SV), No. 3 Wes Shurock (MC) vs. No. 6 Owen Zechman (MW), No. 4 Hunter Murphy (LW) vs. No. 5 Jaron Renn (LM).

285: No. 1 Garrett Kieffer (LM) vs. winner of No. 8 Collin Herb (MC) vs. No. 9 John Erlston (DV), No. 2 Sam Rishel (MF) vs. No. 7 Trent Curcie, No. 3 Connor Fulmer vs. No. 6 Lance Klinefelter (LW), No. 4 Nevin Aeppli (ML) vs. No. 5 Owen Hosler (MW).

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