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Published: 4/18/2017 10:00 AM
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No coal comeback

No matter what Trump says, for many good reasons coal is not coming back to this area. Stop using it as an excuse to be ignorant and backwards. Don’t romanticize an industry that, even when it did employ many workers, just used them as disposable tools, made a few rich but kept most in poverty, and wrecked our environment— all while leaving future generations to clean up the mess. Honor our miner ancestors by getting into the 21st century.

Usable parts

It was a beautiful article on the front page of Saturday’s paper, “The gift of life. Brian Dugan gave Matt Rhodes a kidney. After reading it, I got my photo ID to verify that the words, “Organ Donor” were below my picture, and was pleased to see they were. I hope the article will encourage people to consider being an organ donor, also. Parts of my body may be worn out, but whatever is still usable I want to be used to help another human being.

Mar-A-Lago millions

Here’s something that just doesn’t make any sense for someone who has a nickel worth of brain: Taxpayers spent $4 million a year for Obama to visit his homeland of Hawaii and Republicans go crazy. Taxpayers waste $3 million a week for Trump to go golfing at Mar-A-Lago. Republicans stay silent.

Get over it

Another article by Mr. Bomboy. We know he has something against Donald Trump, but my advice to him is this: Get over it. He’s elected. He’s doing a swell job. Nothing you write about can change that. Also, look into Hillary Clinton and the snakes she was associated with.

Fess up

I think it’s a shame that the guy in the White House will not show his tax returns, yet all our taxpayers are paying for his weekend jaunts, which are weekly, for he and his wife to go to Florida. It’s about time he fesses up. If Obama was doing this ...

Holiday meal

Congratulations to the Mount Carmel Lions Club for their wonderful, delicious dinner they served on Easter. It was excellent. Keep up the work, and thank you very much.

Natalie lives matter

It’s Easter Sunday and the the Mount Carmel Co-Gen ash is blowing across Route 54 into Natalie. Natalie lives matter. After this, all calls will go to DEP.

Coward of the ward

For the person who hit the poor, little, innocent dog in the Fifth Ward and couldn’t stop to tell the owners, you are a bunch of cowards.

The real men

God bless all the firefighters who came out to fight the horrible fire in Coal Township Easter night. May the Lord always be good to them. Now those are the real men of this area.

Big, bad wolf

Mr. Milbrand’s comments to WNEP reminded me of a story when I was a child. They huffed and the puffed and they blew the Shroyer building down.

Work for parolees

Regarding the blight article in Monday’s edition, I believe that all those blighted properties should be torn down because they are endangering pedestrians, vehicles and neighbors. And I believe that they should get the people who are on parole out there to help tear them down. They could help pay their parole costs.

The end result

So what’s it going to matter if Trump does or doesn’t release his tax results?

Seuss on Trump

Looks like Dr. Seuss is writing from the great beyond. The excerpt from his new book is right on. Hope we are informed when it’s available at our local book stores. Editor’s note: The caller refers to a creative Sound Off tale from last week.

Respect the Sabbath

In regards to the Dusquene students protesting Chick-Fil-A, maybe they should spend more time studying. Chick-Fil-A has always been a family-oriented business, and they’re not even open on Sundays. More businesses should follow this — respect the Sabbath.

A rosy future

Kudos to Rosaline and her parents for the effort that she makes in cleaning up Shamokin and Coal Township. We certainly need more children like Rosaline in our community. Thank you and good luck with your future.

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