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Published: 4/20/2017 10:00 AM
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Pay up parents

It’s not fair that a 77-year-old man on a limited budget has to pay school taxes. The people who have the kids in school should be paying. I know a family with six kids in school that doesn’t pay any school taxes. All the young people having all these babies should be the ones paying for the schools.

Stupid students

How stupid. Instead of mapping the blight in our area why don’t these spoiled rich kids from Bucknell, who pay $50,000 plus a year to go to college, get their millionaire families to raise funds to help rebuild our towns. Like building factories to give good paying jobs to the people here. That would be a big help.

Illegal voters

Three million votes, illegal voting in states like California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois and New York. All these states give illegals driver’s licenses and with that they can register to vote. None of these states will do an investigation into illegal voting because they encourage them to vote because they vote for the Democrats.

Democrat to inherit

Democrats and they don’t worry about a thing. Donald Trump’s son-in-law is a Democrat and sooner or later, he will have it all.

Worry wart

Maybe Donald Trump ought to “get over it” and stop worrying about Obama. He’s not our president anymore he has nothing to do with it. He should worry about North Korea instead of going golfing. He spent more money in four months than Obama spent in a year.

No sick days

It’s costing a lot of money for substitute teachers. Well, if a teacher takes off, don’t pay them because a substitute is coming in and you have to pay them. It’s that simple.

New news

Every day you have three to five Trump basher comments from the guy from Riverside. Why don’t you give everybody a break and publish something else?

Dead anyway

The Republicans shouldn’t even worry about healthcare because when the nuclear radiation clouds pass over the nation followed by the nuclear winter those who weren’t vaporized by the initial blast will be dead anyway. You Republicans got exactly what you asked for other than the fact that you won’t have anything to make great again.

Hide nothing

It is questionable that Trump’s tax returns are even being audited. The IRS says an audit doesn’t prevent him from revealing them. So, when you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing.

Grocery clean-up

On Saturday before Easter, I was shopping at Boyer’s at Mount Carmel, and I love the store. However, there was garbage all over outside. It really need to be cleaned up to make our town look better.

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