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Published: 4/21/2017 10:00 AM
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Big spender

Can you believe that Donald Trump is on par to spend more on travel and vacation in one year than Obama did in eight?

High nurses?

I think some of these nursing homes in the area ought to do drug testing on their nurses. I know some of them do meth, among other things.

Owners problem

I was reading about the Shroyer structure needing to be torn down. Now our public officials want to use public funds to tear it down. What about all the articles in the previous day about all the dilapidated houses? I think the owner ought to use their own money to tear it down, not the tax payers. Editor’s note: Unfortunately, the owner now is the county, and so either way taxpayers are on the hook for all those past owners who didn’t act.

Proactive policing

Shamokin’s chief of police could take a lesson from Sunbury’s chief of police. Their goal is to get the individuals before a crime happens instead of responding after the fact. He doesn’t want officers sitting around the station waiting for crime to happen but instead be on the street looking to intercept those unwilling to conform to a small town way of life. Editors note: I don’t think the police department should start arresting people before they commit a crime. How exactly would you choose which to arrest?

Spinning memories

The article about the record store really brought back memories of when I graduated from Coal Township High School. My first job was Woolworth’s. When we got our paycheck, we would dash over to the Camera and Music Mart and buy records. Thanks so much for the article.

Asbestos danger

A word of caution about the Shroyer building. Hold your breath when walking by. There are asbestos shingles everywhere. There should be danger signs and not just warning tape.

Cool off

So what does it matter if Trump does or doesn’t give his tax returns? Cool off and let him do what he’s doing for the country. He’s doing a good job. You have nothing to complain about.

Air testing?

I would like to know if there was any on-site air testing done at the Shroyer building. There are asbestos shingles everywhere.

Round three

This is “round three” in my explanation of why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 but finished as runner-up to Donald Trump. If the United States was a “popular vote wins” system, small and less populated states would have almost no voice in general elections. Every future president would be elected by voters on the West Coast, Illinois and the East Coast. This is why numerous attempts to scrap the electoral system, with Hillary as the varsity cheerleader, have failed. At least two-thirds of the 50 states would have to approve any changeover. This is not getting through to my antagonist in Sound Off, for reasons I do not understand.

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