First SCA community foundation fundraising a success

Published: 5/14/2017 10:00 AM
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CATAWISSA RR — The first fundraising event for the Southern Columbia Community Foundation help the weekend of April 29 was a success with alumni, and it couldn’t have been done without the behind the scenes help from current Southern high school students.

The inclusion of current and past members of the Southern community laid the foundation for what is to come from the non-profit, whose mission statement is “to engage our whole community to support and enhance excellence in our public education through philanthropic donations of money, goods, services and time.”

The planning for the event was done by board members and included a high school open house, golf tournament, banquet and alumni picnic at Knoebels, but several classes dedicated time and part of their curriculum to assisting the foundation with their first event undertaking.

Kristie Anderson’s second period marketing class had a unique learning experience by writing a business plan for the foundation. Anderson said her classes have done similar end-of-year projects in the past in which they created a business plan for a fictional business.

With the creation of the foundation in February, Anderson said it was an opportunity to tie an actual business into her curriculum. Only one of her 10 students who worked on researching and drafting the business plan will move on from student to alumnus at the end of the school year, with the remainder all being sophomores and juniors.

Students found the project “cool” and expressed enthusiasm over getting to be a part of the beginning stages of the Community Foundation, and the majority said the look forward to one day moving on and becoming part of it.

With the assistance of multi-media computer teacher Lori Shively, sophomore Jared Ebersole took on the daunting task for creating a brochure for the alumni weekend. The brochure was handed out to attendees at the different events to inform them more about the foundation and provide a schedule for their weekend.

The printing was also done in house by three students guided by Sherry Jones, of the career development program. The tedious job of folding and stapling the freshly printed programs was an undertaking by the students as well.

Student involvement didn’t stop there. For the open house, the 20 alumnus who went back to explore the halls of their old stomping ground were lead on a tour by seniors Brook Sudol, Deryn Seltzer, Lauryn Hower and Claudia Girardi. Emily Karas’ family consumer science class provided baked goods and refreshments during the tours.

Laying the foundation

School board President Mike Yeager praised the work of the students who helped with the event and said when the Community Foundation was formed, it was with the intention of engaging not just alumni, but all members in the community, including current students.

During the April 29 weekend, nearly 100 people came from as far as California and Texas to attend and reconnect with old friends. Yeagar said the graduating classes ranged from 1960 to 2013, with an extra special celebration for the Class of 1967 50 year reunion.

The sign-up for the golf tournament held at Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Course was so successful they had to divide the 16 teams into two flights of eight. Brandon Ciocco, Chris Medon, Dave Dallabrida and Jake Townsend were the first place winners.

Superintendent Paul Caputo said the weekend showed all the possibilities of the foundation, adding, “One of the initial goals was not only to preserve the history of the district, but make comments to the present. The planning of the events and implementation of the events showed the realization of our goal because we had the Southern community involved.”

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