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Published: 5/16/2017 10:00 AM
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Lincoln logs

Kenn Split thinks it would be a great idea to rent out the White House. Hate to tell you, it’s not an original idea. Bill Clinton rented out the Lincoln Bedroom when he was president. The cost? A $10,000 contribution to his re-election fund. So stop bashing Trump.

History repeats itself

Donald Trump is a real reminder: It’s not what you can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Rent’s due

I, too, agree with the person who said we should rent out the White House. It’s not good enough for Trump.

True patriotism

True patriotism is standing behind one’s country and the constitution, not the president. The president can be against the constitution. I’m hoping everyone is starting to see that.

Falling down drunk

While the Penn State fraternity death is a tragedy, I would think they would talk about the local bars that feed people alcohol who are falling down drunk and falling down stairs. They’re arresting people at Penn State; look around here.

No parking

Being a resident of Ralpho Township, I was just wondering why there was a police cruiser parked for a long time by Thomas and Quarry Road? Is there anything the public should be aware of? Editor’s take: Perhaps they were monitoring traffic?

Rise and shine

Pennsylvania is the fifth most corrupt state in the country. I can’t believe there isn’t an uprising in the streets of Harrisburg.

Obama b-ball

For Mr. Splitt: You forgot to mention the basketball court Obama put in. He took out a perfectly good tennis court to put in a basketball court so he and his “brothers” could play hoops. I wonder if Al Sharpton and his buddies came over? Editor’s take: Wow. Racist much?

On lock

Let’s lock up Flynn, but also lock up Hillary for far more criminal acts.

Worse for who?

It was in the paper: The world’s worst week for women because of Planned Parenthood, but it was a great week in saving the lives of innocent babies.


I’m calling from the Mount Carmel area. I’m concerned about Mostly Mutts and Mommy & Me. If you call these people late at night, they’re not there to take these animals. They don’t return your calls. What are you supposed to do? I think neighbors should help out. Editor’s take: Do you realize all that these shelters have done? They shouldn’t be expected to be at everyone’s disposal 24-7. They actually sleep sometimes.

Go to meetings

How can people know what goes on in the borough if they don’t come to Mount Carmel council meetings?

Call it

One of the numerous reasons Comey was fired was because he made a call in the Clinton email scandal.

Good job, Seth

I’d like to congratulate Seth Shultz for the act he did during the track meet. Good luck. You deserve it, and thank you.

Lounging out

The Shamokin pool must open on Memorial Day weekend for the happiness of our children. A lot of us parents have no transportation to Knoebels. They should also get lounge chairs. They could make some money.

Trump it

The editor of the Sound Off column made a comment to one of my calls, “Why can’t we all get along?” Every Sunday, it’s all “anti-Trump.” There’s an anti-Trump cartoon or letter to the editor. The far-left leaning News-Item can lean that way, but the people leaning right have no voice. Editor’s take: It’s sometimes hard to find good news about Trump. The cartoon service has a special section that isn’t anti-Trump. These are different times. Besides, Maresca helps us lean back toward the right, and his column runs every Sunday and has for a decade-plus.

Dig this

Trump digs coal, but he signed a treaty with China for natural gas, not coal.

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