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Published: 5/17/2017 10:00 AM
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Hammer Trump

Your paper should be called “The Hammer Trump Herald.” The only ones who wanted Trump were the American people.


OK, snowflakes: You want to impeach Trump? Exactly what crime did he commit talking to Putin? He’s still not as bad as Hillary Clinton.


For the person who said Shamokin and Coal Township should merge: Why should Coal Township, that’s not in debt, take that on? If Shamokin officials wouldn’t have lied and “robbed” from Shamokin, they wouldn’t be in the situation they’re in.

Libbies giggles

Dumb libbies: Comey was fired because he would not investigate the only crime we know happened. Every day I laugh when you think Trump will be impeached. Maybe tomorrow, snowflakes.

Sidewalk sweep

Calling to say thank you to the city’s street department, but why can’t you sweep the sidewalks, too? The street looks nice but the abandoned sidewalks look bad.

Quit it

I do not know who is doing your Sound Off now, but I suggest they quit, because every day is the same nonsense. There is more to complain about than nonsense. Editor’s take: Yet you just did. Way to switch it up.

Friendly fires

For all the new grads: A friend of mine always says, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Careful who you hang around.

Cemetery tales

I see the mayor is still trying to get money to prove his innocence about the cemetery bulldozing. He is in control of it up there.

Impeachment time

Trump told the Russian ambassador highly classified information that he got from one of our other allies, information that was not supposed to be released. I think it’s time we took him in a room and talked to him, and get rid of him. I think impeachment time is coming up.

Den-Mar trails

When I purchased a lot in Den-Mar Gardens, there was to be no riding four-wheelers on the street. Every night, there’s an old guy who rides by numerous times on his four-wheeler. Also, there are RVs parked in the yards; there aren’t supposed to be. It’s really going to heck over here. Let’s see if we can stop it.

Ask an Indian

The U.S. government, under the Trump administration, decided to go ahead with the Dakota Pipeline to be run by the Sioux reservation. The Sioux were against it, but they lost. Now the government is considering storing nuclear waste in the Yucca mountains of Nevada. Native Americans are against it. Guess who’s going to win? Sure, you can trust the government. Just ask any Indian.


The editor said in Sound Off we should stop calling names. Well, in Mr. Bomboy’s latest tirade, I’ll read you a few: cruel, rich, piece of crap, mean-spirited, hateful, biased, devil’s disciple, president Pinocchio, president great pumpkin, liars, etc. Apparently only certain people can use this language. Editor’s take: I would suggest the same to Mr. Bomboy. But that won’t stop him or Sound Off callers from doing it, and they don’t have to. We would never stifle free speech. Read on!

Bond, Donald Bond

Donald Trump lives in a fantasy world. He thinks he’s smarter than the generals, the CIA, the FBI. He thinks he’s James Bond; he’s untouchable. He can do anything and get away with it.

Ranting against Fox

That Jennifer Rubin that you have on today’s editorial page complaining about Fox — why doesn’t she spend the time talking to somebody who actually cares about her ranting and raving? She’s part of the fake news team. Editor’s take: And she’s a conservative blogger!

Tables turned

Remember when Donald Trump was campaigning, how he used to criticize Hillary Clinton for giving away classified information?


Donald Trump shows his true colors, and they’re not red, white and blue.

Grown in China

Don’t eat food from China. They trade our natural gas for their polluted food. That’s the only way to stop them is to boycott their food. They took our industry, they’re taking our natural resources and now they want to take our farms away. Look at the labels and don’t eat food from China.

Order in the court

I have as many African-American friends as white friends, but I am clueless on the statement about the tennis court being removed for a basketball court. Wasn’t there enough room for both? And what would you have to do to change them over?

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