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Published: 5/18/2017 10:00 AM
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Happy days

I’ve never seen Trump so happy since he’s had those two Russian officials in his office.

Raised by a Russian

I remember President Obama in the White House in the Oval Office, children of all colors, nice little children all dressed up. I remember dogs running through the White House. What I don’t remember are Russians and Russian photographers. And I’m not prejudiced against Russians; I was raised by one.

Mostly irritated

I’m calling about Mostly Mutts. I see your newspaper, is defending them. Maybe an animal can’t make it to the next day; who knows the situation? So don’t criticize the person who calls. And I made a handsome donation and never even received a note that they got it. And I volunteered to help and never got a call. I just want to know why they can’t acknowledge that. What kind of organization is it? Editor’s take: We agree that the least they could do is acknowledge the offer.

The big crime

Another drug overdose in Kulpmont. Good job, police. Keep sitting on the roadside while the drugs and drug dealers walk right past your noses. Patrol is part of your job. You have a drug problem; setting up speed traps will not solve the big crime. Editor’s take: Your multiple emails demonstrate your passion for this subject, but drug ODs are happening everywhere.

Saving young lives

I don’t know why there is police presence around Quarry and Thomas Road, but I do know they may be saving young lives. For years young children have been illegally riding on roadways and wooded areas near there. Many of these kids are riding motorcycles and ATVs without helmets or safety gear. Some ATVs are speeding around with up to four kids on them. Keep up the good work, Ralpho Township Police.

Hyperventilating snowflake

Let’s recap: Trump fires the guy who is investigating him and his ties to Russia, his toadies lie about the reason, then Trump himself basically confirms that he did it because he was investigating him. The very next day he meets with a known Russian spymaster in the White House, doesn’t include the American press, and reportedly reveals top-secret information. Call me a hyperventilating snowflake, and I’m pretty sure the idiot Trump fans will, but I believe something is going on here.

Ties to ties

It’s pretty funny that these people who write/call in to Sound Off daily weren’t as bothered by Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as they are with Trump’s ties to Russia.

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