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Published: 7/14/2017 11:30 AM
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Nothing to lose

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that one juror failed to make the correct decision and sentence Jessie Con-Ui to death. When he kills again because he has nothing to lose, that bleeding-heart juror should know that the blood is on his or her hands because they felt compassion for the killer and not the slain officer. Disgusting.

Knock them down

Please put a larger share of the Community Development Block Grants towards demolition of blight. We have many homes with collapsing roofs in Shamokin. If permitted by the grant, maybe some of the money could help remodel the library ( i.e. accessible restrooms, new tile flooring/lighting etc.).


Donald Trump Jr. met with a representative of the Russian government on June 9, 2016, in expectation of receiving damaging information on Hillary Clinton. When Trump’s meeting was exposed he quickly stated that his father never knew about the meeting. Isn’t it interesting that on the afternoon of June 9, a few hours after junior’s meeting, candidate Trump sent his first tweet about Hillary’s “33,000” emails. Coincidence? I think not.

Bill 560

Now that the governor signed Senate Bill 560, the public has lost the ability to monitor the interactions between police and citizens. Police now have the upper hand in allowing citizens to view their actions on videos in questionable arrests. We have seen many improper actions, including blatant lies, that police have told, caught on video. Somehow they forget that they work for us and we should have the ability to monitor their policing.

Government plan

I see our government in Pennsylvania wants to tax basic phone service, cable, bank interest and electricity. The taxes are due to heavy pension costs. Why doesn’t the state go to a 401k plan like all the workers from private industry do. Editor’s take: It has taken a step toward doing just that, for new hires at least.


Thanks to the person who helped us bring our dog, Pup Pup, home, even though it was a sad reunion. Love you, Pup Pup.

Crazy country

As a veteran I went to the VA to get help with hearing aids. They said I made too much money. They said if you make $36,000 a year you don’t qualify. How much money is too much money to help the heroin addicts? Crazy country ain’t it?

Cell phone rules

I was pulling into the Weis parking lot today and there were young women in the middle of the road blocking parking spaces with their heads down in their cell phones. I honked the horn to get their attention and they called me a name. Imagine that. I guess cell phones rule.

Scared yet?

The statement “I alone can fix it” should have terrified everyone.

Wasting gas

As a taxpayer in Shamokin, I would like to know why the street sweeper is sitting at the fire company on Sixth Street at Pine or Spruce at the train tracks. It just sits there and idles for half-hour to an hour.

Quick fix

I can fix all the problems of the government and health insurance quickly. First, put them on term limits; that doesn’t give them time too become to corrupt. Second, give them exactly the insurance they give the people.

Do they know?

It’s seems unusual that so many cops making stops on moving violations end up pulling over a parolee driving without a license. Are the cops informed when these actors are released? Or are they kept in the dark like the people in the neighborhoods where they settle?

Heating up

Looks like the fake president is really starting to sweat. Even his son is turning against him.

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