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Published: 7/17/2017 10:00 AM
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Timing everything

There is this gang of kids always harassing people and I wondered why the cops never did anything. Then one day one of the kids told me that the cop told him what time he comes around on his beat, so he doesn’t have to see them. Can you believe that?

Long list

To be a Republican today you have to have complete disdain for facts, reality, science and most other attributes of reasonable thinking. For example, to deny the existence of climate change in the face of overwhelming scientific data is irrational. The same is true of the GOP’s position on health care, national budgets, state budgets and tax policy.

Blight 101

As long as the city’s going gung-ho again on blight, I wish they would take a look at the old Anthracite Shirt Factory on Franklin, Pearl and Chestnut streets. Most of that roof has already caved in. If that building is not blight, I don’t know what is.


I see city officials in Shamokin have begun their annual blight sweep. Maybe they ought to take a look at a “home” on Sunbury Street near Dunkin’ Donuts. I was amazed to see people living in a house that is riddled with filth and looks like it’s ready to fall in on itself.


I’m reading the paper about the 15 Marines and the Navy sailor who have been killed. Not even a name or picture; we don’t even know who they are. When it’s a movie star, they’re plastering their names. No where in this case, on television or any newspaper.

A debit to society

Thank you to the person who found my debit card at Walmart and returned it to the service desk. People are still very nice and good.

7 out of 10

Donald Trump is a pathological liar. According to, he lied 71 percent of the time during the campaign.

Lock him up

Donald Trump should use the same words on his son that he used on Hillary Clinton. Three simple words: Lock him up.

Forever g rateful

I am very thankful for the help a woman gave me at the Shamokin Walmart on Tuesday afternoon. I am forever grateful for your kindness.

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