Shamokin PA

Bill would make schools safer

To the editor: I am writing to inform people about a bill that was just passed at the beginning of April. Senate Bill 1103 will help provide for safer schools. Its purpose is to increase safety in schools and identify potential problems. This bill will also help the school districts recognize the resources they are lacking in their areas. Schools are able to apply and receive grants to better equip their schools, but they can only apply once.

The bill requires schools to do annual safety assessments. By doing so, it helps school districts remain safe and recognize changes that need to be made. These drills also look at available community resources. Certain districts lack important resources because of their locations. This bill helps recognize that as an issue. It will help communities the schools are in to gather more resources. The result of this bill will promote mental health awareness as well as less violence in schools.

Many people believe these annual checks will be too costly and it won’t actually solve anything. Not only will this bill save lives, but it will make students feel safe and assist in getting students the mental health help they need may need.

Thank you,

Concerned community member

Nicole Purcell