Shamokin PA

Clausi’s ‘smoke and mirrors’

To the editor: Vinny Clausi’s letter to the editor (”Shoch, Schiccatano costing taxpayers”) is even more interesting when one considers what Vinny didn’t say.

Commissioner Shoch is being paid by Point Township to be their solicitor. That is his job. He is being paid by Point Township, not Northumberland County taxpayers.

Commissioner Schiccatano is retired after 36 years as a public schoolteacher. His pension is paid by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not Northumberland County taxpayers.

The $1.8 million surplus was proceeds from the insurance on the old Northumberland County prison. Vinny had nothing to do with this.

The $25,000 commissioners Shoch and Schiccatano requested was not a pay raise, it was an attempt to restore the commissioners’ salary to what Vinny was getting while he was commissioner.

Commissioners Shoch and Schiccatano used their own funds in an attempt to restore their and future commissioners’ salaries to a fair rate. Vinny used our money to dispute that.

Also of interest is that the outside income of Commissioner Kym Best is never mentioned, nor did she join Shoch and Schiccatano in the lawsuit, although she would have benefited equally.

Now let us look at poor Vinny Clausi: After eight years as a Northumberland County commissioner getting paid $60,000 a year, he suddenly decides that he is paid too much and pushes through a pay cut for the commissioners. What he doesn’t say is that he is now getting a $1,218.32 a month ($14,619.84 per year) pension for the remainder of his life based on that $60,000 salary.

Frank Hockenbrocht