Shamokin PA

Comment made out of frustration; coach, team back on same page

To the editor: I would like to clarify the comment I made following our loss to Central Mountain on Friday evening.

First, I made the remark out of extreme frustration, not because of the loss, but because what I see as a lack of effort and concern among many of our athletes. I actually said “we have three or four athletes who care.” The three or four number was probably not accurate, and was meant to convey that many really don’t care.

I have seen players laughing and joking following losses and that, to me, is not acceptable. I was taught old-school values by my father, and under those values we hung our heads and sometimes even cried when we lost a game. We were also taught to give 100 percent on every play.

I have told the players from day one not to worry about the scoreboard, but to give me your very best effort on every play. I am sad to say that many have not been giving that effort, and that also is not acceptable.

I have met with the players; I explained to them that my remarks were made out of frustration, and that they should not be taken literally. I left the meeting with the impression that we are all back on the same page.

With that being said, I would like to apologize for the disruption to our program that was generated by my remarks.

Jim Lichty

Head football coach

Shamokin Area