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Desertion of justice

In today’s America of mass shootings, legalized sodomy, abortion on demand and the Bowe Bergdahl decision that ruled in favor of an admitted deserter to walk free came as no surprise.

Bergdahl pleaded guilty to deserting his post in a combat zone and misbehavior before the enemy in Afghanistan at his court martial. Today, he is free to roam America’s fruited plain. Some irate veterans I know believe the only place Bergdahl should be walking to is to take his place in front of a firing squad.

Tasked with finding Bergdahl, who was believed to have been captured by the Taliban, some troops were wounded. Some accounts said six troops were killed in the search, but their dates of death do not correspond with any of the missions, and that is why the Army concedes there were no KIAs attributed to the case.

The Obama administration then traded five “high value” Taliban leaders for Bergdahl, who most likely returned to the battlefield. Then they lied about how Bergdahl was a “brave solider who served with honor and distinction.” Upon Bergdahl’s return, Obama hosted a White House Rose Garden reception calling Bergdahl a hero as the deserter’s father with his unkempt beard and hair tied in a ponytail greeted his son who was not present in Arabic.

Initially, Bergdahl’s legal team petitioned for a dismissal of all charges, but got the next best thing — leniency in perhaps the biggest miscarriage of justice in Army court martial history since World War II.

Army Judge Col. Jeffery R. Nance, who is a sworn and trained officer and jurist, said he was not influenced by anyone’s comments, including his commander-in-chief, Donald Trump. Bergdahl faced a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. I suppose Nance had to prove he was not influenced.

The comments of anyone, even the president, to mitigate a criminal act of another should have no effect on the final outcome of any legal proceeding. Obama opined all the time, especially how Trayvon Martin could be his son and how Michael Brown was a gentle giant and how Connecticut police acted stupidly. At least Trump had the facts before he commented.

Perhaps Nance was influenced by former National Security Adviser Susan Rice when she stated Bergdahl had served with “honor and distinction?” Or when the former president hosted his parents at the White House after swapping five high value terrorists without notifying Congress?

Obama took the opportunity to put his foot on the scale regardless, and did so without compromise.

It is unprecedented to allow any soldier who left his post in a combat zone to not serve a prison sentence. Instead, Bergdahl’s sanction of a fine and a dishonorable discharge is nothing short of a travesty. This decision is unfathomable in its unreasonableness and is beyond a slap in the face to every American veteran who served their country honorably.

Bergdahl willfully deserted his post in time of war — an act that in times past would have earned him the death penalty.

Bergdahl will never be jailed. Nor will Hillary Clinton, Comey, Podesta and Wasserman-Schultz, among others who lurk and thrive in the Washington D.C. swamp.

Why, in the most public military court martial in generations, did Nance fail to articulate the reasons for his sentence? Arbitrary justice from an arbitrary judge is injustice and represents a betrayal of his oath of office.

The Army looked the other way when Capt. Nidal Hassan spoke out against the United States and eventually shot and killed 13 and injured 32 unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood. Moreover, the Army also allowed a Che Guevara shirt wearing and avowed Communist cadet to graduate from West Point.

I wonder how that investigation is coming along?

The vestiges of the Obama years still abides in every part of our government, including the military. The fact that Bergdahl and Bradley Manning are free is proof and yet another reason to deplete the swamp.

Nance betrayed his country as did Bergdahl. Nance should be dismissed from the Army and summarily retired. With these two, Democrats have struck gold and could very well have found two new party leaders.

So far, no word on any book or movie deals.

Where’s Harvey Weinstein when you really need him?

 (Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.)