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Kraynak taken off Dept. of Health list

MOUNT CARMEL — Mount Carmel physician Dr. Raymond Kraynak has been removed from the list of approved physicians in the state’s medical marijuana program following his Dec. 20 indictment on 19 charges, including five counts of drug delivery resulting in death.

Prior to an update of the list by the state Department of Health

the day after charges were filed, Kraynak had been among the doctors approved in Northumberland County to participate in the program. 

Kraynak surrendered his DEA license to dispense controlled substances on Friday as part of an agreement to be released from detainment on $500,000 bail. 

The charges against Kraynak allege his unlawful distribution of controlled substances led to the deaths of five patients. Each of the five charges carry a mandatory minimum sentencing of 20 years. The indictment covered a time period of September 2006 through July 2017, during which Kraynak is described as having provided opioids “outside the usual course of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose.”

Thomas Thornton, Kraynak’s public defender, said Friday the DEA does not make it known when a physician is under federal investigation, explaining his reasoning for why Kraynak was approved for the program despite the investigation.

Kraynak is able to continue practicing medicine, minus any prescribing of controlled substances, until his trial, for which a date has not been set.