Shamokin PA

Memorials: Our Lady of Lourdes

COAL TOWNSHIP — The following is a list of memorials presented to Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School from Feb. 21 to May 1.

Jeanne Bergal from Mary Ann Balonis.

Martin “Butch” Bowers from Mary Jane Toccket.

Irene Bradley from Ronald and Christie Anderson; John and Laura Duke; Michael and Jane Klembara and Tom and Mary Myers.

Barbara Cillo from Mary Jane Toccket.

Virginia Checchi from John and Ann Benedict; MaryAnn Levins and Don and Joannie Yuricich.

Irene Curran from Mary Jane Toccket.

Carmen DeFrancesco from Michael and Jane Klembara and Knights of Columbus 628.

Robert Demshock Sr. from Knights of Columbus 628.

Ronald Dimm III from Kevin Sincavage; Elyse Stefanowicz and Michael Wolfe.

Saverio Feudale from John and Ann Benedict; Terence Bluge;  Robert and Marian Dondero; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ficca; Mary Theresa Gidaro;  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ginitz; Knights of Columbus 14161; Frank A. Pupo Jr.; Elizabeth Smatlak and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Starke.

Florence Grabowicz from Mary Jane Toccket.

Justin Harvey from Elizabeth Reiprish.

Tom Isenburg from Mary Jane Toccket.

Walter Jacobs from Bill and Virginia Korbich and Don and Joannie Yuricich.

Nancy Kerris from Janet Brown; Daniel and Jacqueline Kerris; Michael and Jane Klembara; Rhonda L. McDonald and Frank A. Pupo Jr.

Edward Kleha from Edward and Tracey Madden.

Theresa Kraynak from Edward and Maureen Zack.

Deacon Robert Mack from Deacon and Mrs. Martin McCarthy and  Leocadia Spock.

Leona Maroney from John and Ellie Fogarty.

Rose Marie Marquette from Margaret Reigle and Linda Rodgers and Pat Reigle.

Ruth Martz from Helen Nolter.

Christine McBride from Margaret Barber.

Mary McCord from Michael and Jane Klembara.

The Rev. Francis McManamin SJ from John and Ann Benedict.

Raymond Moncavage from Knights of Columbus 628.

Alice O’Donnell from C.J. Lucus Funeral Home; Melissa Reichwein and Christopher Monahan; Patricia Nevis; James and Kathleen Nolan; Robert and Betty Saukaitis and Steve Wolfe and family.

Sandra Olson from Lois Platt.

Edwin Ososkie from Barry Ososkie.

Rosalie Palovick from Helen Nolter.

Ann Petroskie from Bill and Virginia Korbich.

Clara Portal from Christine Fornof and Gene and Marge Garancheski.

Frank J. Pupo from Knights of Columbus Council 4281.

Mary Robatin from Maryann Levins; Leo and Mary Mulhall and Don and Joannie Yuricich.

Florence Rosini from friends of the Rosini family; Rita Roberts and Richard and Ann Weikel.

Howard Sandri from Valeria Nazarchuk and family.

Forrest “Chip” Shurock from Barry and Jane Rohrer and Helen Winhofer.

Edward Skocik from Mary Jane Toccket and Don and Joannie Yuricich.

John Stadnicki from John and Joann McKay.

Leonard Targonski from Valeria Nazarchuk and family.

Adeline Tloczynski from John and Ann Benedict.

Mary Varano from Michael and Rita Albert and daughter; Frank and Mary Bach; Tom Bator and Carolann Baskera; John and Ann Benedict; Chris and Christy Bressi; John and Pam Buccanelli;  Dennis and Susan Christiana; Jennie Dabulis and family; John and Patricia Dabulis; Dr. Stephanie Dabulis; Tom and Dianne Dabulis; Dabulis Masonry; Maryann Dudeck; Tom and Rhonda Eckman; Diane Fabrizio; Theresa Fleming; John and Alma George; Bill and Joanne Gilger and family; Bill and Catherine Haile; Jason and Betty Haile; Jeremy and Alexis Haile; Tricia Haile and Mike Hosking;  Alexis Kieski and Jim Bressi; Violette Feudale; Andy and Doris Kalinowski; Rick and Tonia King; Bill and Virginia Korbich; Debra Kurtz; Bonnie Laczkowski; Joe Litchko; Barbara Lizzul; Edward and Tracey Madden; Michelle McGinley and family; Donald and Marian Myers; Tony Nestico and family; Michael and Rita Nolter; Skip and Carmeline Rabuck; Steve and Ann Marie Tehansky; Richard and Ann Weikel; Marian Williams; Don and Joannie Yuricich; Al and Rose Zawalick; Allen and Jess Zawalick and Chrissy Zawalick and Ray Koshinskie.

Grethel Vinup from Peg Bilder; Betty Anne and Caleigh Corrigan; Bill and Virginia Korbich; Joe Litchko; John and Joann McKay and Don and Joannie Yuricich.

Harold Wilson from Bill and Virginia Korbich.

Cecilia Zaneski from John and Ann Benedict; David and Joanne Bradley; Joseph and Judy Brokus and family; John Comer; Mary Ann Christ and Paul Kanaskie; Bill and Joanne Gilger and family; Robert Klacik and family; Michael and Jane Klembara; Bessmarie Moses; Valeria Nazarchuk and family; Kenneth and Trudi Sandri and Thomas and Mary Jo Zelones.