Shamokin PA

PAGE ONE REWIND 1977: Image of Christ seen on altar cloth

SHAMOKIN — “Grandmam, grandmam, hurry — come see God!”

Iris Reigle, age nine, tugged at her grandmother’s hand Wednesday evening and, pointing to the altar at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church exclaimed: “Grandmam, on the cloth— see, there is God’s face.”

Grandmam, Mrs. Clarence Fegley, Burnside, standing in the rear of the church, turned toward the altar where the Blessed Sacrament is kept in a cloth-covered tabernacle. “At first,” Mrs. Fegley said, “I couldn’t see anything except the altar, the flowers and the tabernacle. Then, as I looked more closely at the veil I, too, could plainly see what my granddaughter first saw: the face of Jesus.

“Little Iris was excited because of this unusual vision,” she added. “I told her to call her daddy and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Reigle, and other members of our famiy from the Parish House to come into the church. They came — together with several members of the congregation who tarried following the Wednesday evening prayer and Benediction service — and each of them saw the face on the veil covering the tabernacle.

“With one accord,” she reported, “We knelt in prayer and wonderment at the opportunity to see this miraculous revelation.”

Several days before and since little Iris’ exciting experience, the face, and at times, the full figure, of Jesus Christ was observed by the rector and estimated 25 to 30 individuals in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Both members, and several non-members, of the parish present at the 9:00 Mass Thursday morning, reported the image was still visible — although somewhat less distinct — on the tabernacle veil.