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Page One Rewind: Panhandlers put on bread and water diet

Two Vagrants Are Given Harsh Sentence By Burgess For Failure To Leave Town As Ordered

Five days on bread and water in the borough lock-up, said to be equal to a 60-day sentence in the county jail, was meted out to Dan Berry, of Philadelphia, and George Shively, of Mount Carmel, for failure to leave town yesterday after their first arrest on a charge of vagrancy.

Burgess Shissler handed out the sentence to the two men, one of whom, Shively, has been here a number of times during the past month.

They tried to work an unusual alibi when the burgess asked them point blank why they didn’t leave town yesterday as promised.

“We were waiting for dark,” said Shively, while Berry said that fast freight number 58 didn’t go through here until 11 o’clock at night.

Police said at city hall this morning after the hearing that between the choice of two sentences, one of five days in the borough bastille and one of 60 days in the county jail at Sunbury, they would prefer the 60-day stay at Sunbury.