Shamokin PA

Sound Off


The emergency response of the present administration is appearing to be far superior of those of the past administrations.

Dreamers work

Once the Dreamers received DACA status, they were able to apply for better paying jobs and could pay all their payroll taxes. Surveys show that employees would lose $6.3 billion a year if they were deported, and that the nation would lose $460 billion over 10 years. And 10,000 Dreamers are serving in the military, not counting those who have already served.

Doing the opposite

The way to reduce abortion is to open more clinics for women’s reproductive care. When pregnancy prevention services are available, the rates of abortion plummet. We, unfortunately, are doing the opposite.

Trash-talking colorer

I have a great idea for the coloring contest that you have for kids. Why not have one for the older people? Maybe three different age groups? I think that would be great. There are so many older people coloring now. I love to color and I think I would win! Editor’s take: Thanks for the suggestion; we’ll give it some thought. And you’re right — we’ve published some stories about the coloring craze among adults.

Coal region pride

I don’t know if you can say the name Save-A-Lot grocery store, but I just came out and there and there were two of the nicest people helping there. Their names are Ernie and Dollie. They used to have the ceramic store in Kulpmont. They are what the coal region is all about.