Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Welfare abuse

Editor, you are correct. Many do live correctly as well. But the problem is the ones stealing benefits from the system while operating a business, selling drugs — they are the ones being protected. The good people pay the taxes for law enforcement and little is done to stop any of the thieving or scamming. Editor’s take: No argument there.

Robbing Peter …

I see that Shamokin City Council and the mayor want to supplement police manpower with state police officers. But then who is going to be responding to the calls that the state police should be going on if they’re tied up assisting Shamokin police? Editor’s take: Your point is taken, but it was merely a suggestion from one councilman and for circumstances that demand it.

Current topics

I work all night shifts, so I can never get to any of the City Council meetings, but from what I read there has been nothing discussed about the cell tower or about Public Enemy No. 1 owing $27,000-plus in taxes. I’m getting pretty close to saying maybe I shouldn’t pay my taxes either, and if I have to go to court, I’ll use Public Enemy No. 1 as an example of why you don’t have to pay your taxes.

That simple

In response to “Drifting away:” I mean no disrespect, but for me, faith does not have the answer. I think that everyone has the right to their beliefs or non-beliefs as long as they don’t push them on others. Personally, I’d like to live my life believing as many true things and as few false things as possible. I’m really no different than you, I just believe in one less God. It really is just that simple.

Nothing to respect

To Mrs. Shutt. I respect that you have voted for so many years. I am catching up to you quickly. I have found, too, to respect who is elected, but it is totally impossible to support someone who doesn’t know the truth and who has done so many underhanded and backstabbing things. There is nothing there to respect. I will respect the day he’s either hauled off in handcuffs or kicked out the door.

In the dark

I went to the Southern-Mount Carmel game Friday night. The new field looked great, except the lighting was horrendous. You couldn’t see anybody standing around the fence or in either bleacher. Editor’s take: Our guys, too, said you couldn’t see the bleachers from the other side, but the field itself was well lit.

Secret Symbols

I’m a little embarrassed to ask this question. I’ve been reading Bizarro since it’s been in the paper; some I understand, some I don’t. But recently they’re talking about finding the eyeball and piece of pie, and other things. I’ve never noticed those before, but now I do and I look for them. Can you give me a little bit of history about that? Editor’s take: It’s a good question. Bizarro artist Dan Piraro explains them at Suffice it to say, some of the explanations are “bizarre” and lengthy. Here’s a bit of what he says overall about the symbols: “Some basic facts about the Secret Symbols: they first began appearing in the mid-90s, there are 13 in total (the two related to Olive Oyl are new as of April), some are used more often than others but there is almost always at least one, and the small number above my signature tells you how many to look for in a given image.”

No country

Those illegal Dreamers are adults. Why is it that they don’t apply for U.S. citizenship? Oh, it’s because they don’t have a country. That or they’re hiding something.

Turf, turf, turf

I hope that’s the last we read about Southern’s new turf, or is it going to be mentioned in every sporting event played on there? I’m sure there is a heavenly light shining on the field like it’s the only one in the whole country. Editor’s take: Expect to see it mentioned as other sports play their first games there, etc. What’s the big deal?