Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Access earned

I am a senior from Mount Carmel, calling in response to “Cards and carts” and this person not liking people with Access cards. I worked 50 years of my life and I earned it, and I depend on it. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to afford the food I need to survive. Shame on you. When you work 50 years, you can earn it and get one, too.

Listen to scientists

As the weather battering continues, there are those who make comments like, “God is trying to tell us something.” Yes indeed, and that is to have the good common sense to listen to the scientists.

Painting is awesome

Someone complained about the painting at the Kallaway Center. I think it looks awesome. It sets the building off; there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s wrong with people? Don’t they have anything else to complain about?

The rest of the story

I’m the one who called about Ralpho Township All Home Days and the fire equipment display, and you said they gave out trophies. Well, the trophies were awarded at the Elysburg Fire Company, not at the All Home Days, and I since then I found out there was quite a controversy about the trophies.

Money for nothing

If Texas got back less than one-half of the wasted federal funds confiscated by the vampires in Washington, it wouldn’t need any federal money.

Don’t shut Shutt up

Kudos to Jeanne Shutt. Very well said. Write more articles.

Retractable mascot

Southern Area has won again. Tiger Pride 10, Common Sense, 0. Eight-hundred-thousand spent for five football games and maybe, in haste, there will be some problems. What’s next, a retractable roof for the baseball field? And by the way, I love high school sports.

Frightening interview

After watching the “60 Minutes” interview with Steve Bannon, it is frightening to know he had been advising the president.

Honest at Weis

This message is offered to the person who found my bulging black wallet at Weis Market in Shamokin. Thank you for your honor and integrity by turning it over to the customer service area. A Weis representative called me and I promptly went to pick it up. Its contents were untouched. Thank you for your honesty and thoughtfulness.

Playing to the audience

We must all remember Donald Trump’s quote. With his arms akimbo, he loudly proclaimed, “I love the uneducated.” And he plays exclusively to that audience while discouraging them from reading and investigating.