Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Ah, memories

Everyone remembers when our dear leader Comrade Trump criticized Hillary for being paid for speaking engagements. Well, now Trump Jr. is cashing in and is being paid $100,000 for each speaking engagement. Why doesn’t daddy president criticize that? I thought the Trumps were worth $10 billion? This demonstrates the pure greed of the Trump family.

Grumpy Gus

Frog, I’m glad you’re back. Whoever held the post did a good job, but your personality shows through. Also glad you are a Republican. I am a Democrat. But if we both liked steak there would be no steak. Also, if you are traveling with a scooter in stores, your advice of nighttime shopping doesn’t work for me. I cannot drive and people I depend on get grumpy to go out late. Here’s to ya, guy. Best wishes! Frog’s take: Thank you, caller. Also I’m not a Republican.

Loved ones

I agree that guns are too often used in movies, and that people have the right to have guns. My husband had one for protection and hunting with a license. But I don’t think that many responsible people support gun shows, and when guns are modified, and when background checks not being done right, unless their only purpose is money and not safety — until it is their loved one.

Man in mirror

Shamokin Area’s present football coach is an embarrassment to the school district and the football program. Sure, numbers and depth are both pressing issues that need to be addressed. But constantly being outscored in the second half also means a basic lack of football knowledge and in-game coaching. Before badmouthing 15-year-old boys, take time and look into the mirror. They give 100 percent each game; can the same be said of you?

Big question

Getting a deferment while being in college is one thing. The big question is did you volunteer for military duty after getting out of the umbrella of a college deferment?

Too many chiefs

Looks like the buddy-buddy system is alive and well in the sheriff’s department instead of injecting new and younger blood with fresh ideas in the department. Too bad the younger generation has to leave the area to seek employment. Do we really need all these deputy sheriffs?

No different

Regarding the Las Vegas shooting, if every one of the 22,000 attendees had been carrying a gun, and I am sure many of them were, the outcome wouldn’t have been any different. 

Location, location

Why don’t they put the courthouse where the Kmart building is? It is the perfect building and the perfect location, close to the prison. Tell Shoch that one. 

Sixteen saltines

Sixteen vehicles in the bank parking lot and the bank isn’t even open. I know where everyone is. They are in the restaurant. Can’t you people read the signs? “For bank customers only.”

Poor performance

I feel so sorry for the Shamokin football team to have a coach that would make a remark that they are bad and he feels sorry for three players on the team. I feel sorry for the whole team that they have such a poor coach and coaching staff. It is not that those kids are not out there trying every week.


How could a coach for a football team make such a degrading remark about the kids that he is coaching? He should be fired. It is a shame what he has done to those kids. Maybe it’s not the team. Maybe its the coach.

Look it up

Jim Lichty should look up the word coach in the dictionary. He is an embarrassment to the school and the team. These kids could be hanging out on street corners after school instead of going to practice as well as keeping up with their schoolwork. They need someone to instill confidence, determination and encouragement in them.