Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Mere bag of shells

I would like to ask the governor of Pennsylvania if there is something wrong with him? Why would he allot $5 million so first responders can buy more Narcan to revive our local drug addicts and dope fiends, bring them back to life, send them back on the street and then have to do the same thing all over again? I think he can find plenty of better things to do with that money.

Back in black

Frog, welcome back if it’s really you. When I saw your notes on a couple of comments the other day I thought The News-Item made a typographical error, because the notes or takes were kind of sarcastic and arrogant like they have been since you left. I don’t know who was doing your job, but they sure were sarcastic and arrogant and even defensive in a quite a bit of their notes. Your takes were always kind of lighthearted and humorous, which is what lifts me up in the morning. Frog’s take: Thank you and it’s the real me. The genuine article. Accept no substitutes.


Normally, I would not call and say anything, but as a former football player for Shamokin Area, reading coach Jim Lichty’s response saying that we are a bad football team, we have about three athletes and I feel bad for them? I feel that is horrendous for a coach and also for his players. I feel bad for them because he is an interim coach and he should not be making comments like.

Pointing fingers

I am calling into Sound Off to accuse you of being a die-hard Republican, then the person before you must have been a die-hard Democrat because if there were 15 calls in one day to Sound Off, 14 were against Trump and they were published. I’m glad you are back. Frog’s take. Thank you, caller. I feel like I’ve said this years ago here, but I have been a registered Independent since turning 18. And we can only work with the calls we get. 

Evil finds a way

Will anything really change concerning public safety? Those dedicated to committing murderous atrocities will always have unlimited options (i.e. IEDs, motor vehicles, bio-chem agents and most anything imaginable). Evil knows no boundaries? Maybe more law enforcement or more laws? Stay vigilant and stay safe!


Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with the egg cartons I keep seeming to load up on? I have offered them to the schools, but they already have plenty for art projects and I am not sure that they are recyclable. I hate to just put them in the dump. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. 

No respect

You know what Donald Trump’s problem is? His problem is he has no respect or care for human society. The only one he respects and cares about is himself. He don’t care about nobody. 

To the dogs

After reading the article on page C5 in the Sunday paper, I am just wondering why all these global warming activist aren’t demanding the euthanization of all cats and dogs. Oh, that’s right. Cats and dogs have rights. People don’t anymore.

Press your luck

Donald Trump ought to learn to keep his big mouth shut. Let the secretary of state handle North Korea. In the meantime, Donald Trump better start worrying about these storms coming. 


Well, I can see that Frog is back to work again because he doesn’t put anything in there that hurts Donald Trump. He is no different that Donald Trump. He doesn’t care about this country. When Donald Trump talks about fake news, he is talking about you and your newspaper. Frog, wake up and take a smell of the coffee. Frog’s take: Caller, you are making me long for my old hospital bed. 

No vacancy

I am calling in response to the article that Mr. Milbrand has discussed having one hotel in the area for that Jeep event. There are also several bed and breakfasts in the area that could be utilized. 

Help us

President Trump wants to fulfill all his campaign promises during the election. Why don’t he fulfill the most important one that he has made, which was providing the American people with better health care at a fraction of the cost? This would help the American people. 

Knowing God

I ask you, do your children know the “Our Father?” Do you know the “Lord’s Prayer?” Do your children know that you know God? It’s important. Let them know that you turn to God. Teach them.

Do as I say

The congressmen who refuse to act on gun legislation of any kind are protected from guns by guards, secret service, capitol police and metal detectors. To hell with the rest of us. Frog’s take: On the other side of the coin, the congressmen and women who push for gun legislation also enjoy the same protections from armed guards, secret service, capitol police and the like. To hell with the rest of us.

Killing kind

Three percent of households own half of all the guns in America. Why can’t we pass laws for gun control? Semi-automatic rifles should be illegal. If you need to hunt with one, you should find some other sport. They are killing machines. High-capacity magazines should be outlawed. If you need more than 10 bullets you must be a terrible shot.


We allow 33,000 Americans to be slaughtered by guns annually, our excuse being that we must defend Second Amendment rights. Somehow “peacefully” taking a knee in the deference to First Amendment rights is demonized.

For the people

So the NRA spent $30 million backing Trump during the campaign. If you want to change gun laws in the United States, the NRA threatens to vote congressmen and women out of office. Eighty-five percent of U.S. citizens want comprehensive background checks. So, in short, the NRA is basically a terrorist group against the people of the United States and what they want.

Wonderful man

How wonderful to read all the thank yous for that father who was put in the paper. It is so nice to see a man that is so wonderful that all the people care about him and area him helping. Actually, some of the Protestant churches really need a man like that. I am ever so grateful. Thank you and God bless him.


Football Jesus

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? They don’t allow prayer in the schools anymore, but yet at every Mount Carmel home football game, there are at least five clergies on the sidelines. Do they pay to get in? Editor’s take: What is your point? Separation of church and state doesn’t mean a pastor can’t attend a public event.