Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Orange you glad?

How about that Robert Mueller? Isn’t he the best? Now he is working on people in the inner circle of the White House. They are getting closer and closer to the big orange witch. The jig is up, Trump. 

Mercy me 

It seems to me that Mr. Stellar doesn’t want to be at the mercy of Harrisburg and Washington. Well, the taxpayers don’t want to be at the mercy of public education, either.

Well, bye

Goodbye, Hillary. What would Abigail Geisinger have said? Goodbye, Hillary.

Regular season

I am calling about the football schedule with Line Mountain and Mount Carmel playing in the playoffs. Why can’t they meet in the regular season?

World needs a hero

Veterans, my deepest appreciation to you. In a world where there seems to be fewer heroes, please know that you will always be one in my eyes. I am sending you my best wishes to let you know that I appreciate the sacrifices you made for our country. Thank you for protecting the freedoms I enjoy.


I would just like to say happy birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps.

NI brown shirts

This is the mayor-controller-any-job-available guy responding to “Simple fact” in Friday’s Sound Off.  At least I stood up to make a difference in my community. And the comment about Dave Kinder was a little unnecessary because I did support James Kelly, who won, so he wasn’t the only Democrat. Frog must have gotten his orders from his Hitler of a boss not to print this voice in  Sound Off. That’s OK. I don’t need The News-Item, because all they ever did was trash me. Frog’s take: Weren’t we the greatest thing since sliced bread, according to you, about a week ago? And I always thought of my boss as more of a Stalin-type. 

Waste of space

I’m reading the paper on Nov. 10. “Trailer parked near GMC in protest.” I can’t believe you people wasted the ink and space in your paper to print such a foolish article. This Bolus guy, he is a 14-karat nut case. 

Donnie downer

Now that we will be changing mayors of Shamokin come January, that will be the only change that we will see. Shamokin itself won’t change. This town has been stagnant for years with no jobs, blight, a downtown that is pitiful, unutilized vacant lots and a lot of wasted manpower in some of the city’s departments. Good luck, Mayor Brown.

Sky moves sideways

A weird thing happened the other day after the Geisinger Health Care Symposium ended. They all started counting down from three and they all started screaming at the sky. Frog’s take: Huh?