Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Red and blue

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself, but I suppose that doesn’t apply if your neighbor is of a different political party.

Tools of the trade

Here we go — the gun nuts are using their favorite rebuttal: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But think about it. Guns make it a lot easier, don’t they?

Creep show

Potential senator from Alabama Roy Moore thinks homosexuality should be punished while he is now accused of being a predator pedophile. What is wrong with us that we continue to elect such people? 

Break for the rich

The new tax plan includes a tax break for the rich, including President Trump. Down the road I’ll be paying more. The lower 12 percent bracket should be dropped to 10 percent, and raise the higher tax bracket back up to 38 percent. It’s just a scam to give rich people more money.

Veterans’ tribute

I am calling to thank Mount Carmel Area for their Veterans Day program at the high school Friday morning. They did a wonderful job, and a lot of veterans attended. It does mean a lot to the veterans to be recognized on their special day.

Old fart calls in

Here’s a question: What do you think will be The News-Item’s or Washington Post’s headline on the front page tomorrow? Democratic congressman wants to do away with the national anthem, or, Donald Trump passes gas.

Equal opportunity

The newspapers were pretty quick to bury any protesting directed at crooked Hillary, even going so far as to dig up past dirt on the protester. Why aren’t background checks used for protesters on the left, also? It only goes to show lopsided coverage or favoritism for one group by the press.

Dangerous and deranged

Being someone who traveled out of the country during President Obama’s administration and now Trump’s, I can say we were well more respected during Obama’s administration than Trump’s. Everyone thinks hes a clown, dangerous and deranged.

Proof, finally!

Trump and Putin shook hands in Vietnam, and there’s a picture of it. We finally have proof of collusion.

Mrs. Universe

I see that Hillary Clinton opined that so many other nations have universal health care and that we in the United States should get on board. If it’s so great in other countries, why does everybody who can afford to do so come here for their health care? She’s full of crap in my opinion.

Driving home a point

This is in response to Mr. Young’s letter. The problem I have with his perspective is, yes, vehicles were used, but vehicles have way more than one use. He cannot say the same about guns. They are made specifically to kill things. How much worse would have the New York tragedy been had the psycho had a machine gun?

Kudos to Steph

I just want to say thank you for Stephanie Bettick for the beautiful, beautiful article she had in Saturday’s paper about Hillary Clinton. Kudos to her.