Shamokin PA

Sound Off

 Jacked up

My Geisinger insurance premiums have increased from $400 a month to $1,600 a month and still Geisinger has the audacity to have Hillary Clinton speaking there and Emmanuel? Really, they need a grip on reality.

 Soul to Seoul

What does it say in the Bible about our end days? Everything will be revealed. And look at all the filth that’s coming out about everybody. And also that person that says American sucks? Well, let them move to Korea and see how easy it is.

 Scumbag blues

The vets have given so much, even the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom. Yet we have fundraisers and donation causes for their needs because they can’t make it without help. Why? The freeloaders have ACCESS cards and free everything else for their so-called needs. What’s wrong with the government when vets aren’t taken care of but scumbags are?

Fond farewell

I really enjoyed the article by Stephanie Bettick about Hillary Clinton’s visit to the Geisinger symposium. It was wonderful to hear from someone else in the area who has a fondness for her rather than all the hate I see for her. Thank you for writing the article and I really hope people aren’t disrespectful toward you and hateful toward you because of your opinion.

 Second string

Listening to the Mount Carmel-Line Mountain game last night we were really disappointed. When the second team was put in the names of the players were not even mentioned. I think those children should be given credit also.

 Hitchin’ a ride

After voting for 70 years I could not get to vote on Tuesday. Why? Because I could not, after looking for two phone books, find a number to call the Shamokin High School to get a ride because of the snow. School closed, that’s it? That upset me.


I always enjoy Saturday Spirit by Walt but especially today when he mentions that his dad was a Navy Seabee. You never hear about these guys. My husband was a Seebee. He was on when the Enola Gay came in to refuel. On this Veterans Day, I say God bless them.

 My fellow Americans

Yes Frog, Bill Clinton is included among those. Bill Clinton’s behavior is reprehensible. And if you recall, he was impeached for it. Perhaps we’ll see that again.

 Good debate

I would like to address Stephanie Bettick’s article in Saturday’s newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed her article and I agree, it is good to debate but not to hate.

 Fueled by hate

After reading Stephanie Bettick’s article I’ve concluded she supports Hillary Clinton for two reasons: Because she’s a woman and a Democrat. Those are two terrible reasons to support anyone. As for her comments about hatred, she would do well to give that lecture to her colleagues in her national media, whose hatred for Trump is almost insane.

 Bare minimum

I’m with you on Paterno, Frog. Paterno could have gotten a call back from the governor. He did the bare minimum that was necessary and never even followed up to see what the results were. He’s throwing coal on the fire now. I’m with you.

 Great game

Great game, Devin Pitcavage, from a Mount Carmel fan.

 Two minutes

This weekend just proved that Mount Carmel is all football. Forget about the kids. Forget about the veterans. They make everyone move their cars when the football homecoming was, yet when the Halloween parade had plenty of kids around they let them park on the street so kids had to run out between the cars. On Veterans Day there was nothing. They had a two-minute celebration on Friday. 

 Get towed 

What’s Gembic doing with a rollback truck? Wasn’t he forbidden from being in the towing business?