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Sound Off

Who knew?

I attended 8 a.m. Mass at Mother Cabrini Church in Shamokin. When I came out a $15 sweeper ticket was on my car. The time on it was 8:05 a.m. It is December, how would you know the sweeper is in operation? Thank you very much, officer No. 7. I hope you have a happy holiday.


I am looking for someone who hems women’s slacks. Is there anybody out there in this area that hems women’s slacks.

Roll tide

Several members of Congress who are accused of sexual harassment have resigned or have chosen not to run again. Meanwhile, it appears that Alabamians with the support of Trump will elect a pedophile to replace them.

Grateful, not greedy

I’m so tired of hearing how SSI is not an entitlement. I wish the government would settle up and give you your money back with some interest. I bet you’d miss the current check whether you live to be 70 or 100. Yes, you paid into it, but you also elected the career politicians who misappropriated and stole it. The only reason you still collect is because your children and grandchildren are paying into a program that your generation ruined. It’s the holidays be grateful for what we have, not greed.

Trumped up

Lock Donny Trump up, That’s right, lock Donny Trump up.

Just getting started

In San Francisco, an illegal immigrant who has been deported numerous times shoots and kills an American citizen and is acquitted. This, I hope, would be the limit to our stupidity, but I am afraid it won’t be. Like I said, there is nothing dumber than an American.

Sweet Im-peach 

Thank you, Kenn Splitt, for at least attempting to enlighten News-Item readers about a president who is an embarrassment to America. Unfortunately, many in their area have their head in the sand, or should I say they only get their news from Fox News. Fox News never reports Trump’s craziest tweets, his unhinged rhetoric, his policies that benefit the rich and hurt working people nor do they recognize the proven 1,600 lies Trump has told since president. Please, Mr. Splitt, don’t give up trying to enlighten News-Item readers. It may take Trump’s impeachment, but people will sooner or later figure out that this president is a clear and present danger to our democracy.

Late to the party

I just went out to vote in the Heights and there is no one on the ballot? What a waste of time! How can the borough stay solvent without any local government? Just let the trash moving in take over the town! Editor’s take: The election was Nov. 7; your dial-up must be tremendously slow. Regardless, if you live there, why don’t you run next term? 

Knickers in a bunch 

People from the “party of women” believe Trump should be impeached and Moore hung for their alleged crimes, but believe serial predator Bill Clinton is an icon, Franken is a rising star in the party and Conyers is a living legend!  Seriously, America? Editor’s take: Who are “these people” and have they had their heads checked lately? It seems the majority of women aren’t picking and choosing who the creeps are or with whom they’re affiliated. 


How uplifting it was to see pictures of the hard-boiled egg eating contest sponsored by the Sheriff’s office. Local people coming together in the spirit of fun and community service to raise money for Toys for Tots this Christmas season. Nice going to everyone involved, and may God bless you all.

Lock and key

I am watching the leader of the chant “lock her up” entering the courthouse where he will be declared a felon who will no longer have the right to vote. Talk about irony.

Boys in the HUD

In answer to “Meanstreak,” the easiest way to “get rid of them” would be to have area property owners that rent their properties stop using HUD to fill their rental units. If people had to pay their own rent instead of HUD paying it,”they” would go away on their own.

Muzzling theory 

I would like to make a very real comment on pitbulls. I believe it should be required to muzzle your Pitbull if you are walking the dog on the streets in Shamokin. If not muzzled, you will be fined. It scares me to no end to walk past one. I keep my distance. This would not cause any harm to the dog and will save the owner from a potential lawsuit. Editor’s take: OK, then let’s muzzle Chihuahuas as well because I’ve come across many more mean ankle-biters than I have pitbulls. Maybe some of the owners should be muzzled for not raising and training pitbulls correctly.

Stock talk 

Reducing the U. S. corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent does not necessarily mean large and medium-sized companies would be hiring more workers. Most major executives admit that the extra cash would be used to buy back outstanding stock. Why? Earnings per share would increase, and make the stock more valuable to established holders, who do not intend to sell. And here’s the biggest reason, in my opinion: Stock buy-backs limit attempts to sell the company on the sly, because it makes the selling price more expensive to would-be buyers.

To ‘Two-way street’

You obviously have no clue what goes on in the world! It would appear you are oblivious to the stories and incidents that have been reported. Many of these women were dressed appropriately for the profession they were in, but those men with a little more power and control over their jobs believed they had every right to assume they could have what they wanted. Not! Personally, I think they all should say, I’ll step down or resign when Trump resigns! They are all guilty of the same behavior patterns. It’s called misuse of position and power.