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Sound Off

Steady decline

In response to the 38-year-old who sees a left-leaning pattern in Sound Off: My young friend, the policies and choices of the older generation, by that I mean from the 1950s and before, are what made this country great: Independence, pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, working to support a family, not being on welfare. Those are the things I was raised with, and sadly, your generation can’t seem to grasp this, or the fact that this country is in terrible decline. 

Not just a suggestion

I was curious if a stop sign still meant stop. I travel through Overlook every day to and from work. When you turn off Mountain Road onto Overlook Boulevard, there is a stop sign right before a set of railroad tracks. Apparently, if you live in Overlook, that sign doesn’t mean a thing. I might be the only one who stops at it. I’ve already seen the police drive right through it. If they want to make a mint ticketing people, that would be the place to sit.

Lock ‘em up

Do you remember Gen. Michael Flynn’s speech at the Republican convention? He was attacking Hillary Clinton and chanting “Lock her up!” He has turned states’ evidence and is now spilling the beans on Donald Trump. He and many more of the Trump staff will soon be heading to prison. This investigation will finish with the indictment of President Trump. Then the majority of Americans will be chanting, “Lock him up!”


The working class are getting tired of supporting the non-workers and their benefits. It is time to reevaluate these people to see if they do really have a problem other than laziness for not working.

Ghosted by contractors

Why are contractors paying for ads in your newspaper, and when you call them, they don’t come. I have been waiting on somebody to call me back and they are not bothering. They are paying for those ads and they want work, but they don’t come. 

Two weeks

Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks. That is what they keep saying about the Dollar General (in Elysburg). It is a bunch of bull. The work is done. I talked to the construction workers and I talked to the store workers. Get on the stick or lose  your business to the Stonington store. Editor’s take: Why in the world would a corporation not want to get its store reopened if it is ready? 

Subtle art of sarcasm

This is for the caller to Sound Off who said let Hillary alone, she hasn’t spoken a word since the election. Do you live in a cave? She hasn’t shut her mouth for five minutes since she lost. She even has had criticism from her own party. Frog’s take: I suppose sarcasm doesn’t translate well in Sound Off. I also suppose titling a call, “Reeking of sarcasm,” isn’t on the nose enough, either.

Over my head

Yes, Frog, this one is for you. Someone in Sunday’s paper said Hillary Clinton hasn’t said a word, that she went quietly into the night. Why didn’t you correct that comment? I have seen her numerous times taking shots at Trump and plugging her book and everything else. She has been all over the news. Frog’s take: You can’t correct sarcasm. That particular caller loathes Hillary.

Protest and survivie 

Thank you to our Republican senators for voting for a budget that will especially hurt a financially distressed area such as ours. Congratulations, your win was so important that you forgot about the average American that you are hurting: People who depend on government help to survive.

Here’s how it happens 

Having lived through Watergate, it is easy to project what will happen next. It is clear to most that we have a president who is morally, intellectually and psychologically unfit. His complete lack of impulse control terrifies everyone in that he may start a nuclear war. It will probably take another year as more and more lies unfold, then a group of House and Senate members will go to him and insist he resigns.


No family is going to go through the trouble of transferring one of their children from their hometown school district to Southern Columbia, then set up a fake rental property in Catawissa without the promise of a starting position on the football team. That is known as recruiting.

Thanks, fellas

I would just like to say thank you to the sports department at The News-Item for a job well done. They are putting the football line in and the college schedule with the win-loss. I don’t have to buy another paper now. Thanks again, fellas, for the great job.

Up and away

I saw on TV that stamps are going up from 49 cents, but it doesn’t say when. Does anybody know when they are going to go up? Thank you very much and have a nice holiday. Frog’s take: A quick internet search finds that the increase takes effect on Jan. 21. Stamps will be going up one cent to 50 cents.