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Sound Off

Seamstress available

Editor’s note: To the Sound Off caller seeking a seamstress, we had one contact the paper offering her services. Call the newsroom at 570-644-6397 extension 2 and we’ll provide her number. 

Word salad 

Maybe Trump just doesn’t know what the word “collusion” means. Look it up.

Best brains

Kymberley Best has more brains than the other two commissioners. They call her a liar and they make remarks about her personal life. They are the ones in the paper all the time with their faces. Why don’t they just grow up? They are acting terrible.

Up and to the left 

Well, there you go. These Republicans are shoving this tax reform down our throats. I got a better place where they can shove it. 


Yes, the parade and the party went nicely in Shamokin. I would like to thank the unsung heroes, the fire police, who gave their time to get the parade through Shamokin, then stood up there and helped get the trolly in and out. Sometimes they should be thanked, too.

Earth on Hell

How on Earth did our county and township commissioners allow this pipeline to be placed in such a vulnerable place next to the mine fire? I cannot believe it. This is so idiotic. Township commissioners and county commissioners should be explaining why this happened. Editor’s note: The county and township had little to do with this process. Blame the feds for the OK.

Dark streets

Just wondering what’s wrong that there are no Christmas lights on the trees going up Market Street this year? Bah, humbug!

In and out

I would like to send out a sincere thank you to all the foolish Trump haters for calling in ridiculous Sound Off calls. I cut these foolish call-ins out and send them to my friends who work at the Pentagon in Washington, who truly know the wonderful job our president is doing and how much he is helping the country. They read them at lunch and laugh hysterically. I give them a special treat once in a while when I send them the letters to the editor from Jack Strausser and Kenn Splitt.