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Sound Off

Dig dug

Isn’t it nice to drive up and down Market Street and the side streets and there are no bumps or potholes or anything now that this project is finally completed? The incoming and outgoing mayors should not try to accept any compliments, nor should the current City Council. Those people left this drag on for two years. Hopefully, they won’t do this again. By the way, who wants to bet that the street will be dug up somewhere within the next six months? Editor’s take: You’re blaming the wrong people. Market Street is Route 125, a state highway; PennDOT directed the project.

Party poopers

This is for the Atlas American Legion. I would just like to say bah humbug to the officers of the Legion for not having a kid’s Christmas party this year. I stopped by to sign my children up and found out there wasn’t one because nobody wanted to take care of it. Editor’s take: While there, you could have volunteered.

Cow dog

Hello, Mr. Frog. We have a dog named Joey and he is black and white and he looks like a cow.

Blessed are the sick. Praise be.

About the Geisinger clinic in Kulpmont. I agree with the person who called in. I, myself, called in for an appointment for four weeks and they said they had nothing until December. So, what do you do in the meantime? Get sicker or go to the ER because they won’t see you when needed? What is the CEO’s phone number?

Doctor, doctor

I feel sorry for the people that go to the doctor at Den-Mar Gardens and can’t get an appointment for days, weeks or sometimes months. I have been going to my doctor in Mount Carmel for more than 30 years. I see a real doctor every time and not a PA and I can get an appointment that day if I am sick. Maybe you ought to think about changing or getting other insurance besides Geisinger.

The plane! The plane!

I have been a taxpayer in Kulpmont for more than 50 years and never in all those years have I seen a more wasteful spending of taxpayer money than Councilman Motyka’s fantasy island bridge. The voters of Kulpmont let Motyka know this past election how they felt about his duck pond, solar energy park and now this totally unnecessary bridge. Editor’s take: How do you account for individuals and businesses contributing more than $30,000 in labor and donations for the bridge?

Winter wonderland

The Tharptown lighting was absolutely beautiful. There should be more pictures put in the paper. The family that did the lighting and all the setting up, thank God for them and God bless them. What a wonderful job they did.