Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Hard starts

In response to “Please share your umbrella,” I am a Southern bus driver and it wasn’t the bus drivers’ fault. It was lack of experience on the new mechanics they have there that the buses did not start.

Pool it

Why do we have to spend $70,000 on the Shroyer pool? We have a library that could use a fire alarm and elevator. We have former Shroyer factory falling down. Priorities. Frog’s take: That pool is one of the few positive assets that the city has left. You’d rather it be just another empty eyesore? It’s money well spent.

Build it

There are at least 11 million illegals in the U.S. Illegals account for 21 percent of all federal crimes. So if we had no illegals, we would have 21 percent less crime and less crowded prisons? Legal immigrants account for only 5 percent of all crimes. Perhaps ‘the wall’ and proper vetting is a good idea.


Donald Trump probably isn’t lying about him colluding with Russia, but he is lying about all the money laundering he has done over the years.


When are you small-minded class warfare Democrats going to abandon this rhetoric of pounding the rich constantly and at long last come up with some ideas for improving America? When was the last time any of you got a job from a poor guy?

Santa wears red 

To anyone celebrating Russian Christmas: Beware. The FBI may be investigating you for collusion.

Paycheck to paycheck

I’m a 50-year-old man who worked my whole life. I live paycheck to paycheck on $30,000 a year. My tax relief, according to the website, will be $370 a year. That, my fellow working people, works out to $7 a week. God bless their hearts. That may be enough to pay the increase in property taxes. If there are any change left, I’m going to buy a junior cheeseburger.

Going through changes 

The economy has turned around and is doing great, we have a high GDP, ISIS has been crushed on the battlefield, black unemployment is at a 40 year low and food stamp usage is way down. The stock market is going crazy great. what changed this year from the previous eight?