Shamokin PA
Intermittent clouds
Intermittent clouds

Sound Off


How could someone so unhinged, deranged and unstable beat 16 Republicans, the Clinton machine, the DNC, the print media, the broadcast media and the internet media? Also, people were paid to disrupt his rallies and claim sexual harassment, along with the Russian collusion story. It sure must be embarrassing to lose to someone like that. Don’t you think it is time to get over it?


If you’ve got to run around and try to convince people you are not crazy, guess what? You’re crazy.

Out of work

So Vinny Clausi is complaining that the Trevorton Senior Action Center is closing. Wait a minute, Vinny, didn’t you close the Northumberland County Adult Daycare? If it was up to you all the Northumberland County employees would be out of work. 

Answer 1

My answer to the riddle is 4. The difference between two numbers should always be 3.

No tax dollars 

Please understand no public money is ever used for abortion. No tax dollars. Planned Parenthood gets Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements for legal medical procedures they perform such as prenatal care, breast cancer screenings, biopsies and family planning. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own set of facts. 

Answer 2

I would like to respond to “riddle me this.” The answer is 3. You have to count how many letters are in the number. Personally, I would have said, hey, do you have change for a twenty?

Go fund Doc

I was wondering if someone can call up and tell me if there is like a fundraiser for Dr. Kraynak in his defense. I am sure there are lots of people that would like to donate to him seeing with all his problems lately. If anyone has any information, please pass it along.

Old saying 

There is an old saying: You’re known by the company you keep. Oprah Winfrey’s friends are Jeremiah Wright, Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

Naming names 

The list (of Shamokin City Council candidates) is very interesting; however, there are several that obviously are not qualified, and a couple that I think would do very well. But the problem with the ones that will do very well is they have got the wrong name. Come on, folks; we all know who is going to get picked.

Big thanks

In response to the caller who said they are going to save a thousand dollars a year in taxes based off of Trump’s new tax plan, I don’t know what your income is, but if you make fifty $50,000 a year, you will save thirty-eight dollars a week, which equates to $1,976 a year. Thank you, Donald Trump.