Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Walking free 

Kraynak is a man charged with contributing to at least five deaths and he is walking free. There are possibly countless opioid addicts in dire straits as well due to his nefarious actions. Simple marijuana dealers are in the slammer awaiting trial. His bank accounts, stocks, real estate holdings and other assets should immediately be placed in receivership without access by him.

Not an ol’-boys thing

How Mr. Le schinskie lives his life or provides for his family is nobody’s business; it doesn’t change his willingness to put himself out there and try to help the city. The main issue I have is all the talk about the good-ol’ boys doing things their way. Our council consists of elected officials McGaw and Brown, both in their first terms, and Moyer and Verano in their second. And Mr. Roughton is also in his first term. How can you have a newer council than that?

Continuing obstruction

Richard Nixon tried everything to stop the Watergate investigation, including removing several officials from the Justice Department. Regardless of what Trump does to stop the Russian probe, it will continue. The more Trump attacks the Russian investigation the more evidence the special counsel has to convict Trump of obstruction of justice.

Here’s the scoop

It is wonderful to see kids and churches on the front page of the paper going around annually and picking up litter around Shamokin. I thought of an extension to that idea that will make money for their schools, class trips, churches, etc.: Students or churches can get together in groups with snow shovels and go around Shamokin cleaning peoples homes and cars out. They can volunteer, but I am confident the home owner would give the group a love offering. Here is a way to make money for your school or church when it snows.

A raise instead

Cadet Bonespurs, as Tammy Duckworth calls him, wants a big military parade that would cost millions. The current estimate is $22 million. Surely those in the military would prefer a raise. In addition, we can all recall that the viewing stands were empty at his last parade.

Taxing proposition

A lot of people seem worried about Trump’s tax records. How about Obama release his college records which are, and have been, under lock and key. Editor’s take: Do you really think Obama’s college records matter anymore? Meanwhile, that audit on Trump’s taxes is taking a long time. 

Snow removal

I’d like to know when the city is going to start enforcing cleaning their sidewalks. It’s ridiculous. There are people who live in these homes — young people. They work, but they’re too damn lazy to clean their sidewalks. And the slum landlords — you can forget about them. We’re 80 years old and we pay people to clean our sidewalks. And other people should too.

30 seconds

 Nancy Pelosi can stand eight hours and talk about the rights of aliens and illegal immigrants, but she can’t stand 30 seconds for the sake of Americans?

Laundry list

Predator. Pedophile. Adulterer. Chronic liar. Porn stars. Money laundering. Russian collaborators. Wife beater. Imagine if this was the Obama White House.


Note to Hope Hicks: Past behavior predicts future behavior.