Shamokin PA

Sound Off


Doesn’t Jenna ever think she’s going to age? To print pictures and admit she’s grossed out over a senior citizen’s hair is deeply troubling. She will find out with time that she will not have control over what happens to her body or hair. She will always have control over her words. 

Stop digging

Pennsylvania can’t pay its bills. It’s more than $2.2 billion in the hole. Our governor in his budget proposal wants to add $1 billion in spending. How can we take on another $1 billion in spending? If you’re in a hole, stop digging. Editor’s take: It seems the federal government is still digging, too.

Some leniency, please

Less than 24 hours after the storm on Wednesday I received a parking meter violation in downtown Shamokin. I’m going to be 70 years old this year and I’m not risking a broken hip to put a quarter in a meter that has snow and ice piled around it. I paid the fine, but when I questioned the meter person I was told, “I didn’t do it” and, “Do you want a receipt?” A little leniency until the city can clean up the ice and snow would be appreciated.

No rights for Dreamers

Nancy Pelosi gave an eight-hour filibuster in which she said Dreamers should be allowed to vote. Dreamers are illegal immigrants and therefore have no rights in this country. Only citizens have rights.


Why are all these females coming out decades later to tell their tales of abuse. Is this just another fad? Editor’s take: First, we point out, this was a female call. Second, this is exactly the problem: Being a victim carries a stigma, and it shouldn’t. 

Dreamers, too

My parents, grandparents and I have lived in the United States all of our lives. We, too, are Dreamers. Protect and help us, also.

Role model

I thought the president of the United States was supposed to set an example for the rest of us. Not this president. He lies, he cheats. How can we teach our children how to behave and respect others when we have a president like this?

Sore losers

The Eagles are not champs. The refs gave them the game. The two plays in the end zone were not touchdowns. Patriots are still champs. Ha, ha. Editor’s take: Surely the Patriots didn’t have any favorable calls in the five Super Bowls they won. 

Flocking to the White House

Grab them by their private parts. Adultery. Sexual misconduct. Rape. Endorsing child molesters. Now physical and verbal abuse. Battering women. Birds of a feather flock together. May God bless the victims. Power to the women running for congressional seats.

Tax assistance

I’m calling on behalf of we befuddled senior citizens. Is anyone doing free tax preparation for seniors this year? I haven’t seen anything in the paper about it. Thank you. Editor’s take: We’d suggest contacting CSO and or CareerLink.