Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Hacking, Part 2

It has been proven that Russia attacked our election system in 2016 and actually hacked into some states voter roles. Intelligence agencies have also reported that they will attack the Congressional election in 2018. Comrade Trump and Republicans in Congress have done nothing to defend against another attack. The Republicans do not want to prevent a Russian attack because it will help them win elections.


Those in the Republican Party always portrays themselves as “deficit hawks.” That is a fairy tale. In reality, it is the Republicans who have given us the biggest budget deficits. President Clinton had budget surpluses his last four years in office. Bush tripled the budget deficit during his term. Under Obama, the deficit spiked because of the Great Recession but he reduced it by two-thirds by 2008. Republican Trump, after one year, has doubled the deficit to a budget-busting $1 trillion.

Like, your opinion, man

I watched Jeff Sessions talk to Congress about opioids. At one point he gave statistics stating 80 percent of heroin addicts start from talking pain pills. The very next sentence he said, “Well, I don’t know about that. I think it’s pot that is the problem.” Just like that, even though he just read statistics from experts saying what the problem is, he thinks it’s his biased opinion is what truly matters. This is a microcosm of conservatism in a whole. Experts, in fact, mean nothing over their opinions and feelings.

Some parade

That Eagles parade must have been quite an event to get Ed Washuta out of bed at 3 a.m. Please keep him out of the trees. We don’t want him getting hurt. He is a good guy.

Pay for play 

I just seen where the San Francisco 49ers signed Jimmy Garoppolo to five years and a $13.7 million contract. I know guys in Shamokin would play the game for 500 bucks a game.

Bizzaro game

There must have been two different Super Bowl games played this year, because the one I watched, Chris Collinsworth gushed all over Fletcher Cox. I saw Brandon Cook knocked out of the game due to a helmet-to-helmet contact with no penalty, and I saw two Eagles touchdowns that should have been reversed. Yeah, that must be the answer. I must have watched a different game than you did.

Not a liberal 

When you shut down free speech, erase history, publish fake news and propaganda, legitimize violence against the opposite party and endorse a terrorist organization like Antifa or BLM, you are not a liberal. You are a fascist.