Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Comic strip 

This is going to be hilarious: Dennis Rodman and Trump are both going to get the Nobel Peace Prize because Trump is going to meet with the North Korea dictator. That is hilarious! Editor’s take: It’s an easy punchline, and Lord knows there are many possible pitfalls, but nothing else has worked in trying to rein in North Korea. Besides, it’s better than the threat of nuclear war.

Too high 

Taxes are too high in the city. Can anybody please tell me why we pay so much? Where does the money go? The city looks like a dump. Editor’s take: Have you organized a cleanup like so many others have?

Finish one

In Friday’s paper, “Coal Township to start laying the foundation for sports building on Arch Street.” What about dredging the crick in Tharptown, or is that water under the bridge? How about finishing projects, or is that going to be just thrown aside? Editor’s take: The Tharptown work began last fall and was funded by state grant money. The rec project, as far as the labor, is all volunteer. The township has made numerous calls for volunteers — have you responded?

Bread fan

Does anyone know where I can buy Roman Meal bread? I haven’t seen it in our area for a long time.


It should go without saying that heroes on the battlefield should make more money than sports stars on the football field.

What’s happening?

Brand new health care plan? Didn’t happen. New immigration plan? Didn’t happen. Resolution on the DACA kids? Didn’t happen. Reduce the federal deficit? Added $1.5 trillion. Mexico pays for the wall? Didn’t happen. I’m guessing there will be no North Korea deal, either. 

Building something 

Black and Hispanic unemployment is at historic lows, and Obama didn’t build that.

Mandatory possession 

Kennesaw, Georgia, requires citizen gun ownership since 1982, has had one murder in the last six years and maintains a violent crime rate of less than two percent. Exempt from mandatory possession are physical and mental conditions, convicted felons and those opposed because of religious beliefs. It appears mandatory firearms possession is a real crime deterrent.

Family values 

Trump’s press secretary just confirmed his affair and payoff to a porn-star, which Trump had frequently denied. We have a president, weeks before being elected, who bribed a porn-star to keep silent about an affair conducted when his wife was home with his newborn son. Why is there no outrage from all you good Christians about Trump’s immoral acts? Christians sure had a lot to say about Clinton’s extra-marital affairs. Apparently, Christians do not believe in family values anymore.

Do as I say

If Obama paid off a porn star or cheated on three wives or married an immigrant or hired his relatives who couldn’t get security clearances or hired the least qualified people for cabinet positions or had a host of campaign staffers plead guilty to federal crimes, Republicans would have turned the world upside down. How do you spell hypocrite? R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n.