Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Got it, flaunt it

Democrats are condemning evangelicals for supporting Trump as president while knowing about his affair with Stormy Daniels. Although the affair is wrong it was in the past and his personal business. Trump was neither a presidential candidate nor the president. He was part of the celebrity circle where anything goes. No one was appalled then. They still flaunt their affairs and the birth of their children outside the commitment of marriage and all is well. Stormy Daniels is just looking for her spotlight of fame, but she is just as guilty.


To the Zerbe Township supervisors: Nice. Out of 17 well-qualified applicants for a Zerbe Township patrolman, you hire a guy over qualified and living elsewhere to ride the township streets instead of a local guy who might need the job. I’m sure there were local applicants. Part time yet. Give me a break.

Rounds and rounds

The U.S. is now the third most populated country at 350,000,000. While this is a huge number, it’s in fact, just over 4.3 percent of world’s total population. Now, look at this number — much more impressive. We have 48 percent of the world’s guns. That’s not counting the military. So, let’s review for the sake of the NRA and their political goons in Washington. That’s 4.3 percent of the people in the world and nearly half the world’s guns. And their answer — so they can tell Trump what to say — is to hand out guns to teachers, so there are even more guns. And we wonder why we lead the world by far in gun violence and school shootings.

Time keeps ticking

The only justifiable reason for district attorney Matulewicz not to provide any information about the Maschal murder is if a Grand Jury was impaneled as part of the investigation to subpoena witnesses and hear testimony. If that’s not the case, the DA is remiss in his duties for not releasing periodic information to the public. There’s something wrong going on here. And it’s been two weeks since the Ortiz murder and still no arrest, although factual and forensic evidence points directly at Jose Colon. How long will this one take?

God and country

After having dinner in the Buckhorn area Saturday night, what a beautiful sight we saw as we crossed the Catawissa bridge. There perched to the right up on the mountain was a large lighted cross and the American flag waving slowly in the breeze. I traveled that bridge many times during the day but never did old glory look so peaceful as it did that night. To the person or persons responsible, thank you very much.

Secret, secret

Another secret meeting with a Trump associate and Russians has been exposed. A few weeks before the inauguration a close Trump associate and brother of Trump’s education secretary, Erik Prince, traveled to a small island near Africa to meet with a billionaire Russian who is close to Vladimir Putin. This is just one more brick in the wall of the jail cell Robert Mueller is constructing for Trump and his minions. I would also like to know why our taxes in Coal Township go up every year. I would like to see a breakdown of where our money goes. They can’t say it goes on road repair because some of our roads are bad.