Shamokin PA

Sound Off

 Re-education camps 

You would think that colleges would welcome an intelligent discourse on different concepts, philosophies and ideas. Instead, it is a breeding ground for Antifa Nazi Brownshirt fascist who use Nazi tactics to burn literature and violence to silence conflicting ideas. Before the clueless try to re-educate me, I remind them that the acronym national socialism in German is Nazi. Socialism is an illness that murdered one hundred million people last century for their own good.


Comey wouldn’t know a real mafia boss even if he investigated Hilary for an illegal server.

 No clue 

I’m responding to the person attacking the young woman at the grocery store. Just like a typical conservative, you talk like an expert and you know absolutely nothing. How do you know the woman was 23? How do you know her situation? What if those items were gifts? I work 40 hours a week and I have an ACCESS card. I invite any conservative to confront me at the store. I would love to put you in your place. You are worried about pennies, but already-rich people can get trillions in tax cuts and it is awesome.

Illegal parking lot 

I see the former chairman of the housing authority has been named to the zoning board. Doesn’t anybody realize he runs a parking lot that is unpaved and unmarked on Commerce Street where he tickets people and threatens to tow them away? Somebody needs to help our new mayor out. 

What’s in a name?

What is this Showdown in Shamokin? Are the four wheelers cruising downtown Shamokin? This story doesn’t make any sense. The AOAA is in Coal Township. If there are no Jeeps cruising or nothing happening in Shamokin, then why is Shamokin being referenced? I don’t get it. Frog’s take: Do you realize that the Indianapolis 500 is not in the city of Indianapolis? That the New York Giants play their games in New Jersey? That Harrisburg International Airport is not in Harrisburg?  

Character study 

Some people say Trump’s numerous sleazy affairs don’t bother them. One wonders why the character of the person who leads and represents our country is unimportant to them.

Had enough 

Paul Ryan, the Republican wunderkind, walks away in disgust. If only he had the courage to take the lead in censuring the inept, untruthful and amoral man who is destroying the Republican party.

Just the facts

Andy Heintzelman and Mark Gilger presented one of the most professional accounts of the Sean Maschal homicide possible, given the information at hand. No embellishment, bias, or conjecture — just news.