Shamokin PA

Sound Off

A conspiracy 

Trump is crying that attorney-client privilege is dead. Attorney-client privilege is only revoked when the attorney and his client are together involved in unlawful activity. So if Trump loses his attorney-client privilege it means that he and Cohen conspired to commit a crime.

Over their heads 

Zuckerberg’s testimony was a classic case of speaking Greek to the heathen. These old-timers in the committee barely know how to turn on a computer, let alone try to understand what Zuckerberg was telling them about Facebook and its technical processes. I seriously doubt they even know what Facebook is, let alone how it operates. This whole meeting was a farce.

Rocket to Russia

Can you believe Trump tweeted “Get ready Russia… nice and new smart missiles will be coming”? This is not a statement made by a president about an action that will kill human beings and may start a war. It is a statement of an incompetent, unstable person. Trump is not only an embarrassment, but a danger to our country.

Who’s the boss?

Come on, Shamokin Area, who is in charge of the baseball field? Coaches had the players hang the banner on the outfield and drag the infield by hand. Games are canceled because there is no chalk to line the infield, no restrooms or Job Johnnys for players or fans and the scoreboard isn’t working. Someone needs to get fired.

Hold it in 

I am calling about Shamokin Area’s baseball field. There are no facilities for anyone to use the bathroom there. They have to walk all the way down to the elementary to go to the bathroom. I think that is horrible, especially when you have little kids watching the game and there is nowhere for anyone, old or young, to go to the bathroom. I wish they would do something about it.

Bridge just far enough 

Thank you, editor Heintzelman, for your article in Thursday’s News-Item updating us on the Dornsife bridge repair, and thank you PennDOT for the steps you have taken to repair and maintain Creek Road.

Cross purposes 

I watched the online videos of those council meetings in Shamokin every month and every time that Mr. Slaby talks, all he talks about is how he was the mayor of Kulpmont. Now he is a councilman in Kulpmont, but he is being paid a lot of money to be the administrator in Shamokin. 

Going down 

Nice job, Chief Hollenbush. I’m sure you crossed your T’s and dotted every i before you made your move. I am glad you are going to make sure this one goes down.

Growing wary

There has always been a group of never Trumpers within the Republican Party. Now there is a growing group of former Trumpers. The scandal has reached epic proportions and they are wary of it.