Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Power mad

Donald Trump is not the president of all Americans, he is a political cult leader. Trump only cares about his base and determines his actions by what will please these voters. Nothing seems to matter to Trump but the adoration and power that comes from his uninformed followers.

The way of the region 

The closing of businesses is and will always be the mainstay of the coal region. Towns can’t survive without jobs. Bringing in welfare recipients and drug dealers will not energize a town. Wake up, politicians. Enforce the laws, clean up the town, bring in industry and jobs and prosperity will follow.

Big bucks

To the teachers who are expecting humongous raises, don’t forget, this is not the city where they make big money. We cannot afford your raises anymore. If you want to work in the city where the crime is higher and all your expenses are higher, fine. Go to the city, but don’t expect big raises from senior citizens.

Who are you?

I am thrilled that you know who I am. If you know who I am, you know that I fought in the Vietnam War. But what does that have to do with you embarrassing the fire company by constantly parking on the handicap ramp? You just embarrassed everybody because you know who I am? Big deal, I am proud of who I am. And yes, I have one heck of a life.

Infinite war 

I sure hope the selective service system is ready to reinstate the draft, because when we are at war with Russia, China and North Korea we are going to need a lot of soldiers. With bone spurs and without.

Swept away

I am just calling about the street sweeper. We live in Tharptown and would appreciate getting our street swept. I see the schedule is in the paper, but of course, I see nothing for Tharptown. I was just wondering if they are going to come down. I know we get one sweep and that is pretty much it, but there is a lot of dirt from the winter. We would really appreciate it. Editor’s take: It’s the first of five weeks of the sweeper, so it’s likely Tharptown is on the list. And while we appreciate the call, you have a better chance of getting your point across with a call to the township.

Still competition 

I see where Save-A-Lot is closing its doors after only being there a year and a half. I think they got cold feet because Aldi’s is moving in shortly. I don’t think they wanted the competition.