Shamokin PA

Sound Off


The Trump administration’s new talking point is that one year is long enough for the Russian investigation. They have conveniently forgotten that the Republicans investigated Benghazi for four years with no indictments and Hillary’s emails for two years with no indictments. So far, there were 23 indictments in the Russian probe with more to come. This is an investigation of an attack on our democracy and must be allowed to continue.

Told ya

I am calling in regards to the front-page story about Mrs. Cicchiello in the newspaper. I guess this is when I get to say I told you so again about the Washington school and the building in Mount Carmel that she owns. Nothing is ever going to happen to them? Told you so!

Gardening angle 

The manager of our Walmart should be ashamed of the way the outdoor garden center is run. Many of the plants are dying from lack of water and many of the plants are not priced. It is the same every year. I now shop at the Walmart in St. Clair for my garden plants. It is very well run.

Wise up

I love CNN. I get up at 5 a.m. for work, turn on CNN and they are bashing Trump. I come home from work, turn on CNN and they are bashing Trump. Before I go to bed at night, I turn on CNN and they are bashing Trump. As long as they are bashing Trump 24/7 I know he is still the president and that makes me feel good.

Land of sunshine

So Trump says that North Korean leader Kim was excellent with the three released prisoners. If it was excellent why the hell did they want to come back? Frog’s take: Because they are American citizens? Is this a trick question?

He-man woman hater 

You know, Frog, these women seem to get to be a joke anymore. They are not satisfied with what they are supposed to be doing in life. They want to be joining things like the Boy Scouts of America and infiltrating in their business when they have their own Girl Scouts of America. They want to be trying to bother them and getting them disrupted. They are not satisfied with, you know, disrupting all these men in the world by accusing them of rape and everything else. Why don’t these women just stay home and dye their hair and put their makeup on and do what it is that they do, you know? They get to be so disgusting anymore that they get to be just a real pain in the butt. They are all just getting to be a real joke. Frog’s take: Here he is ladies and gents. A man that knows even less about women than I do.

Busy work 

Barbara Oshinskie is right, the Coal Township warehouse is full of the laziest workers going. Our alleyway is just as bad as what she is saying in her letter to the editor. Why do we pay taxes when they don’t clean it? But the snow plow will go through the alley and rake up the tar and keep right on going when there is nothing there. He’ll do that to take up his time. Wise up, Coal Township warehouse, and get to work.

Nasty boys 

Those nasty Republicans want able-bodied people to work in order to receive food stamps. The Democrats say they will vote against it. Don’t they know this is why Donald Trump was elected? People are tired of buying other people’s groceries, paying for housing and many other benefits they receive. I guess they forgot what JFK said:“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Rude dogs 

I agree wholeheartedly with Barbara Oshinskie. I live in Brady and my street was not cleaned by the sweeper. I called several times to the commissioners and no one returned my call. I left a message. The girl in the commissioners’ office was rude. I also swept my own street and hired help to clean up the dirt and cinders that were left by the street department all winter long. And I pay $5,000 in taxes, but I know the commissioners’ streets were cleaned and cleaned beautifully. Also, on our main street, the sweeper missed about 8 inches, and I know the sweeper could not get any closer, but in Kulpmont, they went behind the sweeper with shovels and they cleaned up all the debris. I guess you are better off living in Kulpmont.