Shamokin PA

Sound Off


A recent caller to sound off suggested that no one is above the law, including President Trump. That statement isn’t exactly true. The Clinton crime family has been escaping the clutches of the law for years thanks to political connections and a fawning media that refuses to hold them accountable.

Missed pick-up

I thought today (Saturday) was the food drive for the postal service. We put a bag of canned food out but no one picked it up. Sorry, but we took it in then. It was later in the day and nobody ever came around. I don’t know what happened. Maybe next time. Editor’s take: That was the day. Call the post office; maybe they can still accept it.

Child’s play

Republicans are the kids who peed in the sandbox when they got mad and didn’t get their way. Democrats are the kids who let them do it.

End of the line 

Thank, Mr. Editor, on your nice words about John McCain. The person that called in to say shut his mouth, he is dying, that is nasty. I just recently took care of a cancer patient that died a horrible death, suffering. McCain is very ill, but he also is a war hero.

Hell and back 

This is to “Zip it.” Being the wife of a Vietnam veteran myself and being the wife of a cancer survivor, let me just tell you one thing: You have never been through what my husband or John McCain has gone through. Until you have walked a mile in their moccasins, you need to zip it. Enjoy your day.

Take a trip 

It sounds to me like Walter Lutz is drunk with power in Kulpmont. Maybe he needs to take one of his month-long vacations again.

Use your words 

The fact that there is a refusal to offer a public apology to the McCain family after such personal unkind remarks speak volumes.

Pay to play

If one wonders why drug prices are so excessively high, a perfect example is the $1.2 million payment to buy access to Trump through the fixer, Michael Cohen. These costs are passed on to us.


Can somebody please explain to me how an ex-felon who sold arms illegally to Iran is now the president of the NRA?

Flying high

Thank you, Sheetz in Elysburg, for flying that magnificent American flag and the Pennsylvania state flag, also. It is a great addition to your new establishment. Thank you.