Shamokin PA

Sound Off

Sticks and stones

Every veteran should be furious with Donald Trump for not firing the staff member who made a derogatory comment about John McCain, who is dying of cancer. But what can you expect from Trump, who has repeatedly insulted McCain? McCain was shot down over Vietnam about the same time Trump was claiming his five deferments for bone spurs to dodge the draft. No veteran should be supporting Trump, who has no problem with insulting a terminally ill American hero.

Hanging it up 

Since my voting process is infringed upon, I won’t be voting Tuesday or in the future. My voting days are done. I know how to vote and don’t need any help with it. It seems the county won’t do anything about it. Thanks for nothing.

Piehole problems

President “Me Me” and anyone else should keep their mouths shut. John McCain and family are going through enough at this moment. He deserves respect. The man and many others who were POWs served our country and went through hell while being in captivity. President “Me Me” has no clue about sacrificing his life for our country; daddy got him out. Spurs? Give me a break. His feet look fine walking his golf courses. Prayers and love to Mr. McCain and his family.

Nice couple 

I would like to thank the nice couple who helped my husband at Walmart. God bless them. They are wonderful people.

Clean it up

I am calling about the condition of Trevorton Road as you enter Shamokin. I sure am hoping that somebody could clean up that area. It has so much trash. Especially before the festival.

Greenhouse effect 

Instead of purchasing your plants at Walmart, there are many local greenhouses that have a much better selection of plants — healthier plants — and they are owned by a local family. So, instead of sending your money to Arkansas, why not try keeping it in the area and shop local?

Do his job 

Let Mueller do his job, investigate and follow his leads. His latest discovery: Russian money was funneled to Michael Cohen through a shell company. If true, it’s certainly bribery and influence peddling. Trump has been involved in business fraud through his lawsuit with Trump University and his bankruptcies. He is a sex abuser and a liar through his contradictory and dishonest statements. I believe he will be found guilty of something. Oh, Lord, help us through this period of turmoil and conflict.

Great wall 

Thank goodness Trump is saving those tens and tens of thousands of Chinese jobs. Maybe he can get them to pay for the wall. They built one of their own.

Got it online 

Did anyone ever stop to think that those who can’t buy guns can actually make one and just buy the bullets for it? You can buy the parts online, so they should really do some form of checking before a person buys bullets in the store. If you can’t buy a gun, then you shouldn’t be allowed to buy bullets, either.